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The 13 Best Themes for your WooCommerce Store

WordPress themes is an entire big market in itself, standing at a few hundred million dollars, fuelled by the ever-growing popularity of the CMS, and with it, WooCommerce. Today, there is a theme for every niche, every professional, some premium, others rip-offs. Who said brand wars were restricted to fashion alone?

So, we decided to look at the themes our customers were using, to understand if there were some favourites and narrowed down a list of 13 themes, that not just look good and are already being used by customers, but are also already a 100% compatible with our plugins.

Do understand that this does not mean our plugin is not compatible with other themes. While it is nearly impossible for us to test with each theme available, we do ensure full support in case otherwise and ensure that you have full control over how your store looks and functions. This list is to be treated as a filtered list in case you are looking for WooCommerce themes.

Here we go.

1. Astra

Astra is the most popular WordPress theme aside from the default Twenty Twenty series that comes with WordPress. It is designed to work flawlessly with WooCommerce and has been designed with online businesses in mind.

It’s fast, fully responsive, translation-ready, and compatible with most drag and drop page builders. It also comes with over 180 professionally-designed Starter Templates. Full website designs you can import, customize and launch with very little time or effort!

With 1.6 million users and over 5,600 five-star reviews, it’s a great theme to try. Especially when there’s a fully-featured free version with access to all the tools you’ll need to build a store. The premium versions add more Starter Templates and more tools to build amazing websites. It’s well worth checking out!

The 13 Best Themes for your WooCommerce Store - Tyche Softwares

2. Avada and Avada Child

The 13 Best Themes for your WooCommerce Store - Tyche Softwares
Avada and Avada Child Themes

First things first. Avada is the parent theme, and Avada Child, a child version. This is true for several plugins on the list. A parent theme is of course, bulkier and more rigid, so if you are looking to make major changes in the core code, go for the child theme. The two are generally bought in together, where customizing the child theme affects the parent theme less. Regardless, here is how an Avada store (specific to the business) would look. 

By itself, Avada is the most popular theme out there. It’s got everything you need,  including a Fusion Builder that helps you build a website without coding knowledge. Tried, tested and guaranteed performance.

From spas to movers & packers, they can be used for a vast range of business types. 


3. Basel and Basel Child 

If your store has a vast range of options, such as clothes, electronics or furniture, Basel is a good theme for you. It’s visual-focus helps display products very well, and the grid layout is customer-friendly. The range of its demo layouts alone will give you an idea of what all you can do with it.

Best Themes for WooCommerce Store |
Basel and Basel Child Themes

It’s flexible, high on design and all things nice. Definitely worth a buy, especially if you are scaling up your store, since as themes go, it is priced mid-range.

4. Bridge 

A widely bestselling theme, Bridge is the quirky cousin of the first two. It is visual, but funky, and really screams adventurous. Call it controlled chaos or method to madness. Best suited for new-age products and stores; think adventure sports gear, photography services, yoga classes, party products and more.

Check it out.

Best Themes for WooCommerce Store |

If you are selling toys, it may not work. But if you are selling hand-crafted games, it is ideal. If you are selling furniture, maybe not. If you are selling furniture with roots in science and design, maybe. And for the vibe it offers, it is among the most competitively priced.

5. Divi and Divi-child 

Known more for it’s website building abilities than it’s theme design, Divi is for those who are very, very specific about how they want their store front-end to look. If you are the kind who wants control over the smallest things – like the width of your banner image or the shape of a button, and want to do so yourself, this is the theme for you. Its features like in-line editing and draggable widths support this.

Best Themes for WooCommerce Store |
Divi and Divi Child Themes

After all this, it looks as sleek as any other theme, but is a little more structure than Bridge. Think magazine layouts, suited to interior decoration portfolios, architecture firms and the like.

6. Flower Shop Lite 

A rather new theme on the block, Flower Shop Lite is for those who prefer dainty, summery, breezy and such other looks. It’s layout reminds one of a cocktail on the beach, wearing hates and glares and oodles of sunscreen. It’s not as visual heavy, since something like flowers also requires ample description. Perfect for florists, but we are not sure if any other kind of business should try it, since it comes at $48.

Best Themes for WooCommerce Store |
Flower Shop Lite

If you had to pick alternative product, though, what would it be? It has us wondering!

7. Gecko 

An alternative to Basel, the theme is ideal for a fashion store, an organic-produce website, furniture store and others like it. It’s not as big as Basel, but serves the purpose. However, it’s downside is that it is priced the same as the former.

Best Themes for WooCommerce Store |

It’s advantage lies in more specific features such as Instagram feed display and Mailchimp support, which may give you an edge. So see what your business needs, and then take a call.

8. Handy  

Best Themes for WooCommerce Store |

The theme is really a call to, ‘Do you want to be the new Etsy’? It’s crafty aesthetic is ideal for those selling ceramic goods, pottery or even items of upholstery such as curtains or pillion covers.

Bakeries, florists, a cookware range, bath products, mugs, frames – if you have a niche, this theme really exudes the right vibe. Or maybe a handmade jewelry line?

9. Hestia 

While it can be used for any product, Hestia is more suited for those looking to make a personal website for professional reasons. A tarot card reader, a psychologist, an online course tutor even, or an event organizer. It’s neat and clean but not really dynamic as the ones discussed earlier.

Best Themes for WooCommerce Store |

10. Look 

Perfect for a content-destination, the Look theme is blogger-friendly. The picture and text combination allows for a reader-friendly interface. If you are looking to have a content-driven product/service, choose Look. If you are starting out as a blogger, it may be pricey, but even you are only generating sales and leads through the site and using it more for display than actual sales, it’s worth the investment.

Best Themes for WooCommerce Store |

11. Storefront 

It’s free, it’s by WooCommerce and totally dope. The Storefront theme is the number-one go-to for those who do not want to bother with researching, comparing and going through the hassle of choosing themes. Because it’s free, you can also choose to go wrong with it. This is the vanilla of themes, safe and comfortable.

Best Themes for WooCommerce Store |

The main advantage is that it’s a WordPress theme built for WooCommerce so you don’t have to worry about the integration bit.

12. The Gem Child

If your store requires more or equal text compared to photos, this is a great theme. It’s not the best theme for virtual products, but looks beautiful as for portfolios of your work, your property or whatever it is you want to sell.

Take a look.

Best Themes for WooCommerce Store |
The Gem Child

13. X 

With four types of storefronts – Integrity, Ethos, Renew and Icon, the X theme type allows you to pick what you want. Integrity is simple display, and works for furniture, or even clothes if your images are stunning enough, but not more. It may be more suited to unconventional stores such as plumbing supplies or hardware sellers. While each type of storefront is different, it has a slightly dated feel. This is how the ‘Renew’ theme looks:

Best Themes for WooCommerce Store |
Theme X

So, which theme did you like best? What are the parameters which you use when selecting your own theme? Let us know in the comments!

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