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Online Stores That Could Use The Abandoned Cart Plugin For WooCommerce

If you have an online store, you are already familiar with the problem of abandoned carts and their massive impact on your e-commerce sales. In the past, we have written about ways to reduce or prevent shopping cart abandonment, email strategies to use and also the common reasons for shopping cart abandonment.

In this post, we want to tell you how ubiquitous the plugin is and the vast varieties of business segments that can benefit from it, from among our customers that have used or continue to use our Abandoned Cart plugin for WooCommerce. This is by no means a limiting list. We have thousands of clients and these are the broad categories that emerged. In reality, any business, and we mean any, can use the plugin.

1. Furniture, Fittings & Furnishings

Several of our clients fall into this category. If you too sell furniture or other interior decoration items, installing the Abandoned Cart plugin will help you understand what kinds of products are least popular and help you tweak your designs and offerings accordingly. The plugin also keeps a track of orders recovered, so you will know which products customers are most likely to return to.

Abandoned Cart for Furniture Store

Our customers in this category include:

Premier Office Furniture, an office-furniture store in Australia.
Sig Saurcer, which sell stainless steel guide rods, from the US.
Crown Molding, a site for architectural components, based in US and Canada.

2. Lifestyle Businesses

Is it too 2000-and-late? Are beauty creams more popular than beauty oils? Do new mothers prefer Brand A or Brand B? A fair parameter for such questions on your stores can be the most frequently abandoned carts. Either it is the price or the quality that the customer is hesitant about. Often, customers are browsing through multiple tabs and leave the cart abandoned when a better deal appears. In that case, you will know which products could have the highest competition in the market.

While the analytics are not so specific, you at least get a broad view of the products you need to focus on improving.

Our customers include:

Minaroe, a fashion brand for expecting mothers, in the US.
Tonipons, a fashion brand in Mexico.
Blue Flower, a natural self-care company based in Rockville.
Calming Colic, a healing service for babies with colic, is based in West Sussex.
Home Health Care, a home health test kit in England.

3. Food Products & Delivery

As our culture moves to take out more and cook less, there has been a substantial rise in meal delivery businesses and online grocery stores. To beat the competition and increase sales, you should install the Abandoned Cart plugin. You can capture customer emails through the Add to Cart modal and ensure that all your special offers, holiday packages will reach them first.

Abandoned Cart for Food Business

Among are customers are Snackage, which deliver healthy snack boxes for all age groups, Lunch Bots, which sell lunch boxes and other meal packaging tools in the US and Canada and Home Bistro, which delivers freshly prepared food in New York.

4. Fitness & Nutrition

Fitness is the new trend and the competition grows everyday. A great marketing technique is to always be visible to your customer. What better way to do this than to use the Abandoned Cart plugin, which can now send reminder messages to the customers on their text and Facebook messenger too?

Take a cue from:

ZAAZ Tech, which sells equipment for motion therapy, in the US.
The Healing Sole, which sells specially engineered footwear to reduce stress. They are based in the US.
Anabol 4 You, sellers of Nutrition supplements, based in Hannover.
Little Bloke Fitness, a fitness equipment supplier in Victoria, Australia., which sell fitness-wear in Portugal. Modal

5. Cosmetics & Grooming

Whether you sell hair products, acupuncture combs, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, makeup kits, shaving kits or other products, having the Abandoned Cart plugin will prove to be a good boost for you. At any given time, you can view your log of recovered orders, which product was bought by whom, and plan a marketing strategy accordingly. Something works? Promote it more.

Abandoned Cart Plugin for WooCommerce

Sometimes, customers deliberately abandon carts to avail of discounts. You can choose to see for such recurring emails and stop sending them discount codes with your reminder emails too, so your offers are not misused.

Brianna’s Handmade Soap is an example of such a business. So is Salon Couture and Spa based in North Carolina.

6. Gaming & Adventure Sports

Say you sell a unique gaming product on a higher price range or an adventure sporting experience. Customers often look up such products but are not always quick to buy them and leave them in the cart and soon forget about it. By sending them reminder emails or messages, you can ensure that the thought doesn’t slip out of their minds and they are enticed to pursue it. Push them to take that hike or build that camp and just do it (as Nike would say).

Our clients include Long Island Dart Zone, a dart zone and dart supplies store in New York, Cho Sports, hoverboard sellers based in Texas, and Mudbums Supply Shack, which sells supplies for fishing, camping, and other activities in Urbandale, Iowa.

7. Educational Products & Services

Even as the world is going online, education has not stayed far behind. Mass open online courses (MOOCs) have especially caught the world’s fancy for the nearly unlimited fields of study they open up to everyone. But one big downside to this is that customers don’t stick to it. Either before buying or after starting a course, they tend to drop out.

At least for the window shoppers, the Abandoned Cart plugin can give you a chance to reach out and convert some of them to pursue it.

Abandoned Cart Pro Plugin

Our customers include Online Learning College, which sells courses in childcare, Med School Insiders which provide assistance to get into medical school, based in San Ramon, California, and Amdecon, sellers of online courses in bio-decon which teaches you how to clean up a crime scene. We also have The Music Marketer, which hosts coaching lessons on how to market your music.

8. Alcohol

There’s a party at your friend’s house and you want to get them some nice wine or whisky and you look it up. But they realize that after taxes, shipping, and other charges, it is unaffordable. So they abandon it. What a waste for your alcohol store right?

Now, how about you send them a discount code and bring them back? Or, with the Add to Cart popup modal feature, capture their email address and then add it to your database, so that every time there is a new product or a flash sale, you can notify them.

Cheers to that, we say. And so do our customers, Miro Sellers, wine sellers from Cloverdale, California, and The Dusty Bottle, sellers of whisky in New South Wales.

9. Travel & Tours

When tourists or even locals want to take a tour of any kind, they are sure to look up several options before picking one. With the Abandoned Cart plugin, you can hope to catch their attention where it’s most focused – on messages, Facebook, and email. This also works for some lazy or distracted customers who have done their research but are yet to book. Seeing your reminder email will just push them to book the service.

Tour Organizers Online

An example is Tour Pass Charleston, a tour organizer in Charleston.

10. Web, Tech & Computing

As everything is on our computers, the need for computer-related services (includes mobiles) is almost always there. Security, backup, fixing an issue here, or tweaking a code there – something or the other is always needing to be done. In such a case, if your service or product is quick to capture the wayward customer, you stand to benefit big from this new world order we are in. So beat the competition out now!

Already, Nuu Mobile, sellers of phones and accessories does it.

11. Stationery & Supplies

Whether cute or useful or both, stationery and supplies are a nerd’s guilty pleasure. Whether or not they can afford it, browsing for them also has its own charm. You can turn this into a successful transaction by sending reminder emails or texts. After all, for how long can one put off buying a binder or a stack of multi-colored post-its?

While other supplies such as equipment don’t have the same romance attached to them, they are investments and often customers take time to arrive at a decision. A simple reminder message could not just help them make it sooner, but also tip the scales in your favor.

Sell Stationery & Supplies Online

Our customers in this category include Praxxis Pro, an office supplies store in Oregon, and Featherman Equipment, which sells poultry-processing equipment in Jamesport.

12. Pet Products

We don’t think you should abandon any shopping you are doing for your pet, it’s blasphemy (unless the said doggo distracts you from it, then you’re forgiven). So, while customers and pets are cuddling, you can just send them a little reminder that they need a new collar or a food bowl. And see the love pouring in. Or should we say, purring in aye?

One such customer of ours is Anomaly Collars, dog collar sellers which ship worldwide.

13. Music Business

This is once again a case of the distracted customer. One moment they are on social media and the next, they are browsing for new drum models or guitars, or an amp and the next moment they are checking new music out and there’s really no telling who will buy and who will not. Make it easier for them with the Add to Cart modal. This way, you can simply keep sending reminders, greetings and timely newsletters to encourage them to take the plunge and make the purchase.

Selling Music Equipment Online

And among our customers is Dr Bonker’s Soundlab, which sells music equipment like bass cabinets.


As you can see, the Abandoned Cart plugin can be used by all types of businesses, whether they are online companions of brick and mortar stores, subscription services, merchandising business, manufacturing business, services, creative, freelancing or others. It helps you track not just abandoned orders but those recovered as well, so you can plan and strategize on where your R&D should lie, or how your pricing should differ and other related decisions. It’s an investment and at $119 for an annual single-store license, totally worth it. And it’s not us saying that too, we have testimonials to prove it.

If your business did not feature here, don’t worry. Just head to our Showcases section and see the vast number of them for yourself too.

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