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How To Restrict Bookings For Your Bookable Product With Our Booking & Appointment Plugin For WooCommerce?

We have discussed how to setup different booking methods with our Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce as per your business needs such as: Recurring Weekdays Specific Dates Multiple Day With the help of these booking methods, you can set your bookable product and make it flexible. After setting your bookable product with any of the […]

How To Send WooCommerce Bookings To Different Google Calendars For Each Bookable Product?

We have studied in our past post how to export bookings of all the WooCommerce products automatically to Google Calendar. This setup was on Global Level which was effective for all products listed on your WooCommerce store. So if any products booking takes place, it would be exported to a single calendar. Some users want to send […]

Add Your Bookings To External Calendar Applications Using ICS Files With Booking & Appointment Plugin For WooCommerce

In our last post, we have discussed how to set lockout for each attribute in WooCommerce Variable Products. We also saw how attribute values are considered as quantity. Now let us talk about one more important aspect of our Booking & Appointment Plugin for Woocommerce and study how to add your bookings to external calendar […]

How To Set Booking Availability Limit For Attributes in WooCommerce Variable Products?

The ability to work with all types of WooCommerce products like a Variable product, Bundles, Composite products, etc., makes our Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce most flexible and beneficial for many businesses. We have seen in our past posts, how to create Variable Bookable Product. We have also learned how to set the lockout limit […]

How Booking & Appointment Plugin Prevents Overbookings For Your Bookable Services With WooCommerce

In our last post, we have gone through the setting named Enable Availability Display on the Product page by which the customer would be able to see the booking availability messages on the product page. But if the setting Enable Availability Display on the Product page is not enabled, the customer will not be able to know the […]

How To Customize Availability Messages Displayed On A Product Page For WooCommerce Bookable Products?

If your WooCommerce bookable product is ready to book and the customer visits your site for booking. But after selecting all the booking details he comes to know that the quantity selected by him for your product/service is insufficient for booking. Because of this your customer would be disappointed. So to make more convenient for […]

How To Set The Lockout Limit Of Each Variation For WooCommerce Variable Product?

The ability to use the Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce with all other WooCommerce Product Types like Variable Product, Grouped Products, Bundled Products, etc. is one of it’s biggest advantages. Many bookable businesses like hotels, rent inventory based equipment, etc., deal with a product with different variations. In such cases, they would like to […]

How To Setup A WooCommerce Bookable Product That Requires Admin Confirmation Before Payment?

Many times businesses like hotel bookings, tour bookings or any rental businesses want to have control in their hands about confirming or canceling the bookings before the payment is made by the customer. In this case, such businesses sometimes manually cancel the bookings by sending emails or calling the customers. They also have to refund […]

How To Replicate Booking Date Automatically To Other Products After 1st Product Is Added To Cart On Your WooCommerce Store?

We are now moving ahead to discuss one more key feature of our Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce. Do you want that when a customer comes to your website and adds any product to his cart for a particular date, then that date should be pre-selected on the front end of all the products that […]

How To Use Social Media Channels To Boost Your Hotel Bookings?

In today’s tech-savvy society, social media plays a powerful role to boost almost all businesses like a pastry shop, ice-cream parlors, restaurants, hotel bookings, etc. With the help of social media channels, you can reach a lot of people and spread your brand name within communities. It has changed the way we relate, learn, have fun, and even affects […]

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