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Author: komal maru

5 Tips for optimizing an e-commerce site for SEO

Starting an online store is one of the best business ideas an ambitious entrepreneur can jump into. Capitalizing on the evolution of shopping can be profitable if one knows what to do. E-commerce entrepreneurs invest a substantial amount of resources to start up their business. They spend countless hours researching products, manufacturers, marketplace, e-commerce websites […]

How to recover abandoned carts in WooCommerce (for free)?

Setting up an online store is always expensive. It always involves those extra stretches of the budget of the store owner to make the store a success by converting the visitors to the real customers. There are many real-time issues/problems faced by the store owner while building an online e-commerce store. Some of them are […]

How to add a new WooCommerce order status into Dashboard widget?

WooCommerce has a widget that shows up on the admin dashboard named “WooCommerce status”. By default, the widget shows orders that have a status of “Processing” or “On hold”. It doesn’t show any other order statuses like “Completed” or “Refunded”, etc. There is no setting provided in WooCommerce which would allow adding any other order […]

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