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130 eCommerce Terms Every Store Owner Should Know in 2020 [Glossary]

Many times, having a conversation with an eCommerce professional leaves you scrambling for a dictionary! Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! Businesses new to eCommerce, whether you are a seller, buyer or enabler, should be well-versed in the eCommerce jargon that gets passed around in everyday discussions. Below is a list of the most popular keywords, […]

A glance at the how Custom Delivery Settings of Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce plugin works in combination

We have seen custom delivery settings of Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin in our previous post where you understood how to add different schedules. Today we shall have a look at how Custom Delivery Settings work in combination to achieve the desired business goal. Earlier the priority was always given on the schedules added for shipping […]

WooCommerce Shop Page Hooks: Visual Guide with Code Snippets

WooCommerce has lots of different hooks for their shop page, product pages, cart page & checkout page. These hooks help us to add our content in different places on these pages. We saw the different cart page hooks & checkout page hooks earlier. In this post, we will learn about different WooCommerce Shop page hooks […]

A look at different ways to prevent cart abandonment & solutions available for it

Every online shop owner has one major concern about his ecommerce business and that is – What is it that makes the customers come to the website, add items to the cart but does not complete the purchase? Therefore it is vital to find a solution to this crucial problem if he wants to excel his […]

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