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How to change booking rates for different seasons with WooCommerce

Seasonal/time-based pricing is very common in the tourism industry. Every year around the same time of the year, prices are hiked during peak seasons & prices are lowered during off seasons. An online booking system should have this feature so that the prices can be easily manipulated as and when needed. In this post we are […]

Removing price re-calculations when a Bookable product is added to cart

We introduced the multiple day booking feature in version 1.1 of the plugin on July 26 2013. This version handled pricing by simply multiplying the product/variation price with the number of nights. This was a very simple piece of calculation and hence was done individually on the Product page (where the price was displayed) and […]

How to include disabled weekdays for delivery preparation time?

This post explains how to include disabled weekdays for delivery preparation time in the Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin. The delivery preparation time is set with the “Minimum Delivery Time(in hours)” option. Clients have businesses like online bakery shops where they do not do delivery on certain days of the week. But they do […]

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