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Boost your Abandoned Cart recovery with Facebook Messenger notifications

Like we had said in one of our previous posts, we have released Facebook Messenger notification as one of the medium for recovering Abandoned Carts apart from Emails and SMS.

We’ve been working on this update since the last 2 months.

With version 7.10.0 onwards, we have added some other improvements as well. Here is a detailed list of features and improvements added.

1. Introduction to Facebook Messenger for recovering Abandoned Carts.

We have integrated Abandon Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin to send abandoned cart notifications to Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger has around 1.3 billion users with around a hundred million getting added every five to six months. Aint these numbers staggering? Also, the open and read rate is higher when compared to emails and text SMS.

Keeping this in mind we now have Facebook Messenger as a part of the Pro plugin to get more conversions and recoveries. Some of the highlights of this new feature are as below:

  • Messenger checkbox asking for consent during Add to cart operation

A checkbox with some consent text like the one shown below will be added after the Add to cart button to capture the user

Consent checkbox
Consent checkbox

The checkbox will be visible on Add to cart pop-up modal as well.

Messenger Checkbox on Add to cart Pop-up
Messenger Checkbox on Add to cart Pop-up

You will be able to preview the template as you are creating or editing.

Facebook Messenger Template creation

And finally, the end result when a notification is sent:

Reminder message on Facebook Messenger
Reminder message on Facebook Messenger

2. Performance Improvements

We are continuously on the lookout for improving the performance of the plugin so that the shopping experience of users is not hampered and shop owners are able to recover more carts eventually.

As a part of performance improvement, we have introduced background processing of the tasks that run to send the reminder notifications. This was one feedback which we had received from customers as the script to send abandoned cart notifications would consume resources & affect the performance of the site.

This will help us reduce the load on WP Cron and in turn, helps deliver notifications with ease. A separate blog post for this is coming soon.

3. Add to cart pop-up modal on custom pages

With version 7.10.0 we have added the feature to display Add to cart pop-up modal on custom pages. A setting has been added while configuring Add to cart pop-up modal to select the pages.

Add to cart pop-up settings
Add to cart pop-up settings

4. Modifications in the default email templates and a new merge tag

The design and content of the default templates shipped with the plugin were a bit outdated and needed some changes. With this release, 3 new default templates will be created in addition to the existing default email templates. These email templates are responsive and have changes in the contents of the mail subject and body. One of the email template is something similar to this:

New Default Email Template
New Default Email Template

These email templates are designed such that you can directly activate them without the need to change the contents of the email.

In addition to these templates, new merge tag has been introduced to provide the store address in the email. The merge tag is {{store.address}}. This merge tag will replace the address specified under WooCommerce->Settings->General

Store Address
Store Address

5. Reorganized the tabs in Abandoned Carts menu

We have reorganized the tabs under WooCommerce->Abandoned Carts menu for a simple configuration of the plugin. Along with that, we have removed the Advanced Settings tab that was added as part of SMS integration release in 7.9. The settings tab also witnesses some changes as a part of a simpler configuration.

Abandoned Cart Menu
Abandoned Cart Menu

As you can see above, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and License are being added while Email Sending Settings and Restriction settings have been removed from the Settings submenu. These settings are now part of the General settings. The originally saved settings will not get affected by this change.

6. Added a view to display the SMS sent logs

The Sent Emails tab has been renamed to Reminders Sent and has two logs – Emails Sent and SMS Sent.

With version 7.10.0 the SMS sent logs will be displayed like the one shown below:

SMS Sent
SMS Sent

7. Activating your Pro License seamlessly

Since version 7.10.0 we shall be redirecting new users to License page where they will be needed to enter their license keys before proceeding to set up the plugin. We wrote the importance of having the license and why you should be doing that in a post some months ago. The license pages will look something like this:

License Activation
License Activation

You can anyways avoid entering the License and proceed to next page, but the automatic updates and support won’t be provided to such users.

License Page
License Page

Apart from these changes, version 7.10.0 has multiple bug fixes and tweaks. The complete changelog of the release can be found here.

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