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Case Study: Photofly Travel Club no longer worries about payment gateway fees in their invoices

A customer comes to your store, adds something to the cart but after selecting their payment gateway, their order total increases! How confused would your customer be if the payment gateway fees aren’t displayed to them?

One of our clients faced something similar and wished to display the payment gateway fees on the Checkout form without disrupting the user experience on their website. So, they installed Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce Pro plugin in December 2020 and ever since then, their invoicing process has become better.

They are Photofly Travel Club. Travel lovers who wish to experience some unique tours to different places such as South Africa, Brazil, India or Turkey can browse their extensive selection of adventures. The best part about their tours? They’ll help you take some amazing pictures!

To learn more about their journey with our plugin, we got in touch with their Project Manager, Catalin B. Check out our convo here:

1) What sort of problems have you solved with our Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce Pro Plugin?

Since we started using WooCommerce to manage our business’ orders, we found ourselves dealing with a lot more fees from the payment gateways. In most cases, these fees were not refundable, and always changing. The plugin allowed us to set these fees in WordPress back-end without impacting the user experience on the website. Thanks to the plugin, we can display simple and clear product information and prices to our travel club members without having to always worry about PayPal or Square fees.

2) How did using this plugin change your business?

I wouldn’t say that the plugin “changed our business” but it certainly has helped us with day to day invoicing. It has also helped our clients too since we are able to display the fees on the checkout form based on their method of payment.

3) Was there any measurable impact from the moment you started using it till now – growth percentage, the monetary increase over time?

I wouldn’t be able to assess that since our main activity is small group travels and we’re using the fees plugin in the back end. The plugin has certainly helped our team since we spend less time worrying about fees and how these are being applied to invoices. Like I said, it also helped our clients to understand the payment process better, but the impact from these activities is not really quantifiable.

4) Did you use any of our extensions in a fun, experimental way?

We didn’t, but we used the plugin for extensive tests on several credit card/online payment gateways issues.

5) Finally, is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

Just wanted to thank you for the support you’re providing. At times, there can be some delay in replying, but that’s because of time zone differences. I’m glad that we’re working with a small business that has support agents that provide good and timely assistance. I’m also happy that the changes we requested for the gateway fees plugin have improved it overall and that it will definitely help other small businesses using it.


Take it from Photofly Travel Club, our Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce Pro plugin will surely sort out your invoices. Be in control of the setting payment gateway fees on your own accord. Try our plugin today!

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