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Setup booking rules using WooCommerce where customers are restricted to reserve for maximum nights

In our previous post, we saw how Minimum nights booking can be facilitated in businesses like hotel reservations, rentals, costume or equipment hire etc. using the Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce. In such businesses, there are set of rules for making bookings like advance booking period, minimum number of nights to book or maximum number […]

Alternate way to send WooCommerce Bookings To Different Google Calendars For Each Bookable Product

Our Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce has a feature named Google Calendar Sync. This setting allows you to automatically export the bookings for a WooCommerce product to Google Calendar in real-time. This is an alternate way to send WooCommerce Bookings to different Google Calendars for each Bookable Product. The screens you will see in the post are according to the latest […]

How To Restrict Bookings For Your Bookable Product With Our Booking & Appointment Plugin For WooCommerce?

We have discussed how to setup different booking methods with our Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce as per your business needs such as: Recurring Weekdays Specific Dates Multiple Day With the help of these booking methods, you can set your bookable product and make it flexible. After setting your bookable product with any of the […]

How To Send WooCommerce Bookings To Different Google Calendars For Each Bookable Product?

We have studied in our past post how to export bookings of all the WooCommerce products automatically to Google Calendar. This setup was on Global Level which was effective for all products listed on your WooCommerce store. So if any products booking takes place, it would be exported to a single calendar. Some users want to send […]

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