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How To Choose The Best Appointment Booking Plugin For A WooCommerce Site

Appointment booking is crucial for any business. Especially after the pandemic, small businesses are also incorporating online appointment booking to adapt to the new normal. With an estimated growth rate of 13.1% by 2026, there is plenty of appointment booking software and tools out there. With all the available options, users may find it a […]

How Sledgehammer Wintersports used the Booking & Appointment plugin for their rental business

Sledgehammer Wintersports are all about skibiking. Thinking of buying one of the safest ski bikes? Or maybe you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind skibike with a bench? Enthusiastic SkiBikers can find such high-quality & affordable skibikes from Sledgehammer Wintersports.  Managing four different sites can be a tough task. Especially if you’re not just selling but also […]

How this unique travel & adventure business serves the backpacker community using the Booking plugin & it’s addons

Started by British backpacker, Nikki Scott, South East Asia Backpacker was created as “a travel diary for everyone”. Almost 10 years since that first magazine was printed, Nikki and her boyfriend, Dave are working to recreate the concept of a printed magazine into a supportive online community of backpackers who share their knowledge with others! […]

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