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Category: WooCommerce Tutorials

Exploring Dropshipping Possibilities with WooCommerce

In one of our earlier posts, we discussed about the role of the dropshipping in WooCommerce and some of the plugins which allow you to setup a dropshipping store with WooCommerce. That prompted me to explore the dropshipping concept further. In this post, we will discuss 2 business approaches revolving around Dropshipping. Just a quick […]

Delete all child products of a WooCommerce grouped product from the Cart page

This question was asked in one of the Facebook groups: WooCommerce Help & Share. It has a strength of 17,000+ members looking to help & share tips about WooCommerce. A grouped product allows to club together multiple products. It is as good as selecting each product separately & adding them to cart. With a grouped product, […]

Dropshipping with WooCommerce

With the advent of internet based shopping platforms, online business websites, more popularly known as eCommerce websites, have gained immense popularity. Anyone, who ever have had an eCommerce website on WordPress is aware of the amazing WooCommerce plugin. The plugin provides the right functionality to every eCommerce website, enabling them to sell their products or […]

Facebook Group Question: How to move “Out of stock” label to show below the WooCommerce product title?

This question was asked on the Facebook group: WooCommerce Help & Share. Exact question: Does anyone know how to modify PHP to move the “out of stock” label on each individual item page? I want to move it to show up directly under the product title where the price normally is displayed. Answer: By default, below […]

How to hide the Processing orders count from WooCommerce Orders menu

If you have a running WooCommerce store or even a test store, you would have noticed that there is a number displayed to the right of the Orders text in WooCommerce menu. That’s the number of processing orders in your store. WooCommerce provides a filter to hide this count: woocommerce_include_processing_order_count_in_menu We can attach a function […]

How to Create Custom Email Templates in WooCommerce

Ever wondered how to create a custom email template that is visible in WooCommerce->Settings->Emails and can be managed and customized the same way as all other WooCommerce emails? This post will guide you through WooCommerce’s inbuilt email templates structure & also understand how to create custom email templates in WooCommerce. This can be done very […]

A Look At How WooCommerce Tests using Continuous Integration

While going through some tools that would do continuous integration whenever anyone would make a commit to our GitHub repository, some of the tools I came across were Travis CI, Codeship, CircleCI, SideCI, etc. of which Travis CI had caught my attention. Let us see the steps for setting up Travis CI. If you are already familiar […]

How to add a prefix or suffix to WooCommerce Order number

This post describes how you can add prefix or suffix to WooCommerce Order number. By default, it’s only a numeric value. Shown below is your WooCommerce Orders page. In WooCommerce, a new order is generated from the wc_create_order(), which is present in includes/wc-core-functions.php file. The call to wc_create_order() is initiated from the create_order() in includes/class-wc-checkout.php file. The […]

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