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Admin/ Manual booking for WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin

Manual/ Admin booking for WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin:




  • You can place the booking manually from WooCommerce> Orders page. There click on Add New Order button.
  • On this page you can place order for any product which has booking enabled.
  • Order placed from this functionality will reflect on View Booking page as well as sync with orders placed from front end page.
  • There is no overlapping or overbooking due to this functionality.
  • All the products with any booking methods enabled can be placed from admin.
  • You can take orders from customers on telephone and make the bookings on your own.
  • Deletion of any bookable product from an order placed through admin or from front end, will reflect in the availability of the product.
  • You can edit the bookings from admin only by deleting & re-adding the product. You cannot modify or update the booking dates/time slots of the bookable products without deleting & re-adding the product from the admin side.

Here are the steps for placing order from admin:

    1. Search the product on the Add New Order page from the WooCommerce -> Orders page. Search for the product you want to place order for.


    1. After searching the product, select the product from the search result and add the product by clicking on Add item(s) button.
    2. After adding the product to Order Items meta box, click on the edit icon on the right of the totals field to add the booking fields.


    1. On clicking on the edit icon, you will find the Add meta button clicking on this button will display the booking fields set for that particular product.


    1. You will now be able to see the booking fields for the product. Enter the booking dates for which you want to pace order for. After adding the dates and other settings like the user/ guest user, billing and shipping address, mode of payment, etc. save the order by clicking on Save Order button and the order will be place.

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