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Abandoned Orders Listing

In our earlier post, we understood how abandoned carts are captured using Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce plugin. There we saw that once abandoned carts are captured, they get listed on the Abandoned Orders page. Today will have a look at Abandoned Orders page and understand the different parameters of it.

Abandoned Orders tab displays the list of all abandoned orders which have remained in the cart for the time higher than the Cart abandoned cut-off time setting.

A typical Abandoned Orders page looks like as below:

Abandoned Orders List page

Abandoned Orders page has the following parameters displayed as shown in the above screenshot:

  1. Order Id
  2. Customer Email address
  3. Customer Name
  4. Order Total
  5. Abandoned Date & Time
  6. Status of Cart

The above image shows the order id #256 was Bhavik Kiri who placed an order of worth $100. The items in the cart were not purchased within the Cart abandoned cut-off time and hence the cart became abandoned on December 28, 2017 at 10.06 am.

Also details like total amount of order in the cart (Order Total) and the status of the cart which is marked as Abandoned for this order are displayed.

View Cart Details

You can also view the details of specific carts by simply mouse hovering on the order and clicking View Order option.

View order details

When you click on the View order link, you will land on Abandoned Order Details page as shown below:

Abandoned Order Details page

There are 2 views available for this page – All and Registered Users as shown below:

2 views available for Abandoned Orders page

This shows how many user carts are abandoned in all and how many carts are abandoned by Registered users. As shown above, there are 2 carts abandoned in total and both carts were abandoned by Registered users.

Deleting Abandoned Orders

In order to individually delete a cart or order, you can click on Delete next to the View Order option as shown in the above screenshot.

There is a provision to do a bulk action for deleting the orders from the Order list. For this, first select the items/carts which you wish to delete.

Selecting items for deletion

Now click on Bulk Action and select Delete option from the drop down. Click on Apply button to delete the selected carts.

Select delete option from drop down

If you want to delete All Orders in one go, then tick the check box in the menu bar and select Delete from the drop down of Bulk Action option as shown above. Then click on Apply to delete all the carts in the Abandoned Orders List.

Selecting all items


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