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Aelia Currency Switcher Plugin

In today’s scenario, having an online store that can serve international customers is a must. Due to growing competition, every store owner of an online shop wants his site to have transactions carried out in different currencies. This can help increase the site visits and gain more profits. Keeping in mind this vital aspect, we have introduced a new addon Aelia Currency Switcher Plugin to provide the facility of multicurrency for your WooCommerce store.

This addition is made in our version 6.2 of Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin. We have introduced hooks like ‘acfac_add_data’ and ‘acfac_change_currency’ for our plugin which are used for integrating the abandoned cart data with Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin.


This plugin will capture the currency in which the customer had abandoned the cart and send the abandoned cart reminder email in the same currency to the customers. This makes the customer comfortable to transact on the site and motivates them to make future purchases.

How this works?

You have to first install and activate the Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin. Now go to WooCommerce -> Currency Switcher -> General and select the currencies that you would like to add to your store. Once the currencies are saved, the option for adding exchange rates for added currencies will be displayed under Currency Settings as shown below:

Exchange rate for currencies added

As you can see, 4 currencies have been added namely UAE dirham, Indian rupees, Singapore dollar and United States dollar and saved. After that, you will need to add the exchange rate for each added currency. Once you have saved the exchange rate for all the added currencies, these will be displayed as a widget on the Shop page as shown below:

Currency drop down added on the shop page

As you can see above, a drop down of the selected currencies will appear on the right side, from where you can select in which currency you want to transact on the shop.

Lets take an instance.

Say you choose United Arab Emirates dirham as the currency in which you want to purchase the product on the site. Hence when you select this currency, the currency on the Shop page, Cart page and Checkout page will be changed to dirham, as well the Abandoned Orders tab will display the abandoned order in the selected currency. Also, price of the product & purchase total will be calculated and displayed as shown below:

Currency changed on shop page

Currency changed on cart page

Currency changed on checkout page

Also, when a cart gets abandoned, the abandoned cart reminder emails will be sent to the customers in his selected currency. Therefore for the above instance, the reminder notification sent out will be displayed as shown below:

Reminder notification sent in the selected currency 

You will also find the change under the Abandoned Orders tab where all the abandoned orders are listed as shown below:

Abandoned Orders page showing listings in different currencies

So the Abandoned Orders listing page will show Order Total in the selected currency.


This post explains how Aelia Currency Switcher plugin which is an addon of Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin, helps shop owners to make their site fully functional for international transactions. The entire purchase process can take place in the customer’s selected language and this makes them comfortable and provides ease in buying products online.

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