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Rules Engine for Email Templates

In our earlier blog posts, we have seen the email templates of our plugin which we send to customers to recover their abandoned carts. But what if you want to target only specific abandoned carts based on particular conditions? It could be something as simple as giving a higher discount if the cart value is high or more complicated like targeting pending payment orders with a certain payment gateway.

So to fulfill this requirement, we have introduced a new feature Rules Engine for Email Templates in v8.9.0 of our Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin. This feature allows triggering the reminder emails automatically based on the different conditions and this will help for specific targetting. You will find this feature in Abandoned Carts > Templates > Email Templates > Edit template page.

Match Rules: It has two options “Match all rules” and “Match any rule(s)”. This option basically allows choosing whether the email template should be sent when all the rules added under the Rules section match OR any one rule matches.

For instance, if you select “Match all rules” and setup three rules. Then, the email template will be sent only when all three added rules match. If you select “Match any rules” then the email will be sent when any of these rules match.

Rules: You can use this feature to send email templates to target abandoned carts that meet different criteria. For example, you might want to offer a higher discount on certain product categories as compared to others. In that case, you can setup 2 different reminder emails (each sending a coupon of different value) to the customer based on the product category of the abandoned products.

This Rule Engine table has three columns named Rule Type, Rule Conditions, and Rule Values. These rules can be created across multiple options such as the Coupons, Product Categories, Cart total, and many more.

The table contains 9 types of rules, two types of conditions such as “Includes any of/Excludes any of” and “Greater than equal to/Equal to/Less than equal to” and the values based on the rule types. There is no limit to the number of rules which can be added. Below we will see each rule type in detail.

1. Coupons: This will allow setting the rule for the coupons. You can select the condition and add the coupon code under the values column which is created on the site. So when the selected coupon is used in the abandoned cart, the email template will send/not send based on the condition chosen.

2. Send Emails to: This rule type will allow sending the email template to All, Customers, Registered Users, Guests, Admin, Customers & Admin, and to one or more specific email address when the cart is abandoned. You can select any of them as per your requirement. If you select only guest users here then the email template will be sent only when a guest user cart is abandoned.

3. Payment Gateways: All the active payment gateways on the website will appear in the list of available payment gateways to select from. You can set up this rule when you want to send the reminder email only to those carts that have been abandoned where a WooCommerce order is created with the status Pending Payment and the payment gateway used is PayPal.

Suppose, you are setting up a rule for cart status – Abandoned Order Unpaid and you want to send the reminder email only for those who have left the order as pending with PayPal gateway. In that case, the payment status will be considered.

4. Cart Status: There are three cart statuses to choose from here, namely: Abandoned, Abandoned – Pending Payment, and Abandoned – Order Cancelled. If you select the cart status “Abandoned”, the reminder email will be sent to the carts only with this status.

If the customer places the order but the payment is still pending, such orders show the pending-payment status in
WooCommerce->Orders. Our plugin will capture these unpaid orders. These carts will be displayed as “Abandoned – Pending payment”. Once the Hold stock limit set under the WooCommerce settings is reached, that order will be cancelled by WooCommerce. So our plugin will change the order status to “Abandoned Order Canceled”.

5. Product Categories: You can include or exclude any product categories. If you set ‘Excludes any of’ and add product categories under the values column. Then the email template will not be sent when the cart is abandoned with the items belongs to that category. As you can see in the screenshot above, I have set up the rules to exclude the product category ‘Occasion Cakes’. I have then abandoned a cart with the item belonging to the same product category. You can see in the below screenshot that this email template has not been sent for this cart.

6. Product Tags: Similarly, you can add a rule for the product tags as per your requirements.

7. Cart Items: This rule allows you to choose whether the email template should be sent or no based on the cart items present/absent in the cart. As shown in the below template, this will send the email when any of these products are present in the abandoned cart.

8.Number of Cart Items: In this rule, you can set the number of items that should be present in the abandoned cart to send the reminder email. Suppose, you set 2 here, the email template will be sent only when there are 2 or more products abandoned in the cart.

9. Cart Total: This rule will allow sending the email template based on the cart value. For example, if you set the condition as “Greater than equal to” for this rule and set the value as 200. So, the email template will be sent when the abandoned cart has a total amount of 200 or above.

So this is how you can use our powerful Rules Engine feature. You can play with the different options and set it up as per your requirements.

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