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Sending emails to specific set of receivers

There is a small addition made to the Add New Template page in version 7.1, where you can select to whom the abandoned cart reminder emails will be sent to, from the provided list of receivers. This new setting is named as Send the Abandoned cart emails to and it fulfills the requirements of sending email notifications to a specific set of receivers from the Templates tab.

How does this work?

This setting is added on the Edit Email Template page under the Templates tab as shown below. There is a new setting added namely Send the Abandoned cart emails to and when you click on the drop-down, you will get the list of receiver options like Customers, Admin, Customers and Admin, or Others as shown below:

Send the Abandoned cart emails to setting

From this setting, admin can set the option to whom the email templates should be received by selecting one of the above-listed options from the drop-down.

As the name suggests, when you select Customers or Admin, the email will be sent to Customers or the Admin respectively. When Customers & Admin is selected, then the email will be sent to both Customers and Admin whereas when you select Others then email is sent to recipients other than customers and admin like HR team, Guest users, or in that case any email addresses to whom this email should be sent. You can add multiple email addresses but these should be separated by commas.

An Instance

If you want to send email notification to only Admin, then you can select the Admin as an option in Send the Abandoned cart emails to the field of the email template as shown below:

Sending an email to a specific set of receivers

The above image specifies that when the Initial email template is used for sending abandoned cart reminder emails, it will be sent to only Admin within 2 minutes after the cart gets abandoned.

The purpose of sending such emails to admin is to help them analyze the top abandoned products in his online store.


This post describes how a new setting Send the Abandoned cart emails to works. This new addition helps shop owners to have control on who will receive which email templates and thus can keep a tight check on the process of sending abandoned cart reminder emails using Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin.

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