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Multiple Time Slot Addon

This addon to the Woocommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin lets you select multiple timeslots on a date for each product on the website.

You can display the time slots in two ways: Multiple Time slots and Single Time slots.


  1. Installation
  2. Setup Multiple Time slot on a product
  3. Front end
  4. Quick Start Guide
  5. Video
  6. Changelog

Note: Each image has pointers in red in the form of arrows & accompanying text.


  • Download the zip file and install it from the Plugins->Add New Page
  • Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin area
  • You will find a new field after the Enable Booking Time field named “Time Slot Selection”.

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Setup Multiple Time slot on a product

After enabling the addon, there will be an additional field after the Enable Booking Time field. Here you will be made available to select the type of time slot to be displayed on the front end.
Here when Multiple is selected, the time slots are displayed as checkboxes, where u can select multiple time slots.
After selecting the type of time slot, make the time slots as per your need. The time slots are made as they were made by default.
Note:If Single is selected in the Time Slot Selection field, the time slots on the front end will be displayed in a dropdown menu, as it was displayed by default. ALso if at all you want to change the time slot selection from Multiple to Single or vice-versa at any point, you will only need to select the required radio button. No need to remake all the time slots.
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Front End

Once the time slots are made, on the Front end, After selecting a booking date Time slots will be displayed to select.
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Each time slot is considered one booking. Hence the customer will be charged as per the number of time slots selected.

Cart page

After the product is added to the cart. On the cart all the time slots which are selected while adding the product to cart are displayed along with the booking date.
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Checkout page

On the Checkout page, the product is displayed along with the booking date and all the time slots selected.
The lockout for each time slot is set, so if 2 time slots are selected and 1st time slot has lockout as 1 and other time slot has lockout is set as 2 then the time slot with lockout as 1 will not be available for booking after one booking is made using that time slot for that particular date. Whereas the other time slot will be available for booking after one booking is placed using that time slot.
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Order Received page

On the Order Received page, the booking date is displayed along with the selected time slots. For every time slot selected there will be a different Add to Calendar button ont eh order received page.
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Customer Email Notification

After placing an order, the customer receives the email and that customer email notification also has the selected time slots.
Every time slot selected will be sent as an ICS file.
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View Booking page

After placing the order, the View Booking page on the admin side will record the Booking details. Each time slot will be recorded in a new record for the same order number.
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Edit Order page

In the Edit Order page, on the admin side, all the selected time slots are stored along with the other booking details.
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Quick Start Guide:

  1. If you wish to select multiple time slots, select the Multiple radio button.
  2. At any point if you wish to change Single to Multiple time slot, you just need to select the radio button, no need to make the time slots again
  3. The time slots are made as they were made by default.



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