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Gravity Forms & Gravity Forms Product Addons


We had released Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce‘s version 2.0, which was a major update, on 2nd January 2015. We have added some new features, which are as follows:

  1. The plugin has been made compatible with WooCommerce – Gravity Forms Product Addons and the Woocommerce Product Addons.
  2. The plugin has been made compatible with Grouped products for multiple nights bookings.
  3. And some more…

As mentioned above, we made the WooCommerce Gravity Forms Products Add-Ons plugin compatible with our Booking and Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce. The Gravity Forms plugin needs no introduction and we know it is used widely. That’s the reason we decided to add the compatibility with it when releasing the plugin with a refined code base.

Post the release, some clients had questions regarding how to use the WooCommerce Gravity Forms Products Add-Ons along with our Booking and Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce. So here I am going to introduce and explain how to use these two plugins together.

You need to first create forms based on documentation available at gravityforms.com and woocommerce.com.

These forms are made from the Gravity Forms menu from the admin side, after we have installed Gravity Forms as well as the WooCommerce – Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons plugins.

Form created from Gravity Forms menu

From the Add/Edit Products page, we would be setting the booking settings as per our need. So if we are making a product for multiple nights booking, then we enable the Booking Type as Only Day -> Multiple Nights. The settings would look something like shown below. You will need to click on the Save Changes button on the product page to save the settings.

Enabling Multiple Nights booking option

Add settings to the product for making it bookable for all Weekdays and restricting maximum bookings for a particular day as shown below:

Multiple Nights booking settings added for the product

Now we just need to select the name of the form which we want to include in the product from the WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons meta box. Once the form is selected, you can configure the settings like hiding the WooCommerce price, changing the Subtotal, etc. You will need to click on the Update button to save the settings.

Gravity Forms Product Add-On’s Meta Box

And that’s all you would need to do to set it up. We will see how this behaves on the frontend.


The Gravity Forms plugin is compatible for all kinds of booking types such as Single Day booking, Single Day with Time Slot booking as well as for Multiple Nights booking. For each booking type the amount from the Gravity Forms will get added to the booking price.

Multiple Nights bookings:

For Multiple Nights products, the amount from the Gravity Forms settings will be added for the number of days selected for booking. So if you are booking a hotel room for 2 days from 29th December to 31st December, 2017, and you have a form which helps you add breakfast and lunch for $15 and $20 respectively, which you would like to avail and Per day stay costs $500/night.

Then the amount will be calculated like ($500* 2 days) which comes to $1000 + $35 for breakfast and lunch.

So in total amount payable would be $1035 for 2 nights stay including breakfast and Dinner as shown below.


Multiple Nights booking using Gravity Forms

As you have noticed, The amount for breakfast and lunch was taken as one time payment for the entire stay. But if you want to charge the customer on per day basis for breakfast and lunch then there is an option to calculate the additional amount by enabling setting from Global settings section. Go to Bookings -> Settings -> Global Booking Settings as shown below:

Global Booking Settings page

On Global Booking Settings page, enable the option Charge WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Addons options on a Per Day Basis, by ticking the checkbox and clicking the Save Settings button as shown below:

Enabling option on the Global Booking Settings page

This ensures that price added to the WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Addons will be multiplied with the total number of booking days for Multiple Nights Booking option.

Let us take an instance for this too. Consider booking Hotel Langkawi for dates 24th December, 2017 to 26th December, 2017. Now say you select breakfast and dinner options both, so your additional amount on top of the actual stay amount will be ($15+$20=$30) x 2 = $70 as shown below. Thus the amount calculated is on per day basis.

The total amount payable for the entire stay is $500 for hotel stay + $70 for 2 days breakfast and dinner, making it total of $570.

We saw how Gravity Forms plugin works for Multiple Nights bookings.

Similarly, let us see how it works for the other 2 types of bookings: Single Day Bookings and Date & Time Bookings as shown below:

Single Day bookings:

Gravity Forms with single day booking setting

Here you can see that the Vineyard Visit is booked for 21st December, 2017 and in the afternoon. Hence an additional amount of $20 is charged for the visit on top of the actual amount. So the total amount payable as shown above is $220. We have used the Gravity Forms – Travelling Fare for this instance.

Date & Time bookings:

Gravity Forms with date and time slot booking setting


Now we will see how Date & Time Bookings work with Gravity Forms – Visit Type. Here there is an additional amount of $15 to be paid for specific visit type. Here we have selected the date for visiting dentist on 22nd December, 2017 with slot of 8 am to 8.30 am and First Visit option, hence you will be charged $15 additional to the actual amount which means ($20 + $15 =$35). Therefore the total amount payable is $35 as shown above.


You can make forms with different types of option from Pricing category which would include all price options. There are many variations you can make to use in the forms and use it with our Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce.


Form struction


As we have seen in this post, how simple it is to use our Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and WooCommerce – Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons plugins together for setting up bookings with extra options for WooCommerce product. When both plugins work in sync, it’s a seamless experience and it can open many possibilities in booking which earlier was not possible with booking plugin alone.

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