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Activate the License key

Follow the steps mentioned below for activating the license for Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce, WP Ecommerce:

  • In the current version installed under a Order Delivery Date plugin check for updates

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  • Once you receive an update notification please update to the latest version
  • After updating to the latest version you will see an additional Page under Order Delivery Date.

Activate License

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  • Enter the license provided to you (New customers will receive license keys after placing an order and the older customers subscribed to lifetime updates will receive license key as a text file in the next update within the zip file) and click ‘Save Changes’

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  • Please click ‘Activate License’ to automatically receive updates on the new versions of the plugins.
    NOTE: Update notification will only come for valid and active licenses.

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  • After doing the following steps update process will work till license hasn’t expired.
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