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FedEx WooCommerce Shipping

In our earlier post, we saw how compatibility of our Order Delivery Date Pro for Woocommerce plugin with WooCommerce Amazon Payments Advanced Gateway makes the checkout and payment process more accessible and quick. Today we shall discuss about the compatibility of our plugin with FedEx Shipping Method plugin by WooCommerce and WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label by PluginHive which provides rapid and reliable shipment of goods in timely manner. You can obtain real time shipping rates and print shipping labels via FedEx Shipping API.

How this works?

Let us understand how the order delivery process is made easy and faster in just a few steps.

1. Install and Activate plugin

Firstly install and Activate the FedEx WooCommerce Shipping plugin and then go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping tab where a new option FedEx will be added as shown below:

FedEx option added under Shipping

2. Setup FedEx option & enable Realtime Rates

When you click on FedEx option and go to the General tab, you need to add in all the required information to setup FedEx option like FedEx Account Number, Meter Number, Web Services Key etc. Then you need to click on Rates & Services tab where you have to tick the Realtime Rates option to enable displaying of different rates of different FedEx services on the frontend:

Adding settings for FedEx option

Once this is done, all the rates of different FedEx services will be displayed as shown below:

All FedEx services are displayed with respective rates

3. Adding Shipping method

Once you have added settings for FedEx option, it will appear under the dropdown for selecting the shipping method. To check this, go to Order Delivery Date -> Settings -> Custom Delivery Settings tab where the dropdown has a list of different options as shown below:

Different FedEx options under shipping method dropdown

Now let us select the option FedEx Priority Overnight and add settings for this shipping method.

Added FedEx Priority Overnight shipping method

As you can see, FedEx Priority Overnight shipping method provides delivery only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This will reflect on the cart page while selecting the shipping option for the order.

4. Selecting FedEx option on Cart page

When you place an order in the cart, you will be asked to select the shipping method for the order. At that time, the shipping options displayed will show the FedEx Priority Overnight because it has been enabled in the backend.

Shipping method selected on the cart page

Here, as per the selected shipping method, the order total is calculated. As shown above, product total is $50 + FedEx Priority Overnight shipping charge is $ 67.96 that sums to Total of $117.96.

According to the selected shipping method, the available delivery dates to be selected will be displayed on the checkout calendar.

5. Available delivery dates shown on Checkout Calendar

You have selected FedEx Priority Overnight shipping method which delivers only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as per the settings added in the backend. This will reflect on the delivery calendar on the Checkout page as shown below:

Available delivery dates shown on checkout calendar

You can select from the displayed available delivery dates for the selected shipping method for your order delivery.

6. Selected Shipping method under Your Order section

The selected shipping method will also be shown under Your Order section on Checkout page as shown below:

Shipping method selected and the total charge displayed


This post details the working of FedEx WooCommerce Shipping plugin together with Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin. This compatibility opens huge horizons for order deliveries as it provides different shipping methods that suits every need of the customer. Hence the new feature added, makes this plugin of high demand and more versatile than other order delivery plugins.

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