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Minimum Delivery Preparation Time In Hours

In our previous post, we saw how you can set the time period for allowing product deliveries using Fixed Date Range & Deliver all year round option of Product Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin. Today we will discuss how you can manage product deliveries where minimum delivery preparation time in hours has to be set.

How this works?

Firstly let us understand what you mean by Minimum Delivery preparation time. There are businesses like a cake shop which prepares special cakes for events like birthdays, weddings etc. They start to prepare for cake only after the order is received and not from first, as it is a perishable item. In this case, they require some time for preparations and the amount of time required for this is termed as Minimum Delivery preparation time.

The time has to be added in hours in the backend, so if you need 24 hours for baking the cake, then you should mention 24 hours in the setting. Thus the delivery of the product will be available only after 24 hours from the time the order was placed.

For instance, say a Chocolate Cake order requires 24 hours for preparation. Therefore add these settings in the backend under Product Delivery Date Meta box of Products page, under the Delivery in Time Period tab as shown below:

Minimum Delivery preparation time set for 24 hours

Because it takes 24 hours for preparation of Chocolate cake, the delivery date enabled on the delivery calendar will show the available dates after 24 hours from the current date as shown below:

Delivery calendar showing date enabled after 24 hours of current date

The current date being 19th July, 2018, the available dates for delivery of Chocolate Cake is enabled from 20th July, 2018 onwards as shown above. This means as per the Minimum Delivery preparation time added in the backend, the delivery date calendar will enable the dates on frontend.


This post discusses the need of certain businesses where they have to set Minimum Delivery preparation time option for delivery of their products. We saw how this process works and how easily it can be managed using our Product Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin.


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