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Recurring Weekdays Deliveries

Similar to Specific Dates setting, today we will discuss Recurring weekdays deliveries. There are businesses that provides delivery of the products only on certain weekdays and not all weekdays. For instance, a home based cake shop delivers cakes only from Monday to Thursday and not on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So you can add settings where deliveries can take place only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday using Recurring Weekdays option using Product Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin.

How this works?

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will see Product Delivery Date meta box showing different settings on Products page. To enable deliveries to take place on selected weekdays, tick the Recurring Weekdays option and select Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for Delivery Days option, as deliveries take place only on these days:

Selecting recurring weekdays for deliveries

Once the recurring weekdays are saved, they will be displayed on Manage Dates, Time Slots tab as shown below:

Selected recurring weekdays

This implies that when product Valentines Cake is selected on the shop page, the delivery calendar on the Products page will show all Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday enabled. Rest other weekdays will be disabled as shown below:

Delivery calendar showing only added weekdays enabled

Now say we select 18th July, 2018 for delivery of this product and add the product to the cart by clicking the Add to cart button. The selected Delivery date will be shown on the Cart page as well, as shown below:

Selected delivery date displayed on the Cart page


This post explains how you can add delivery of products which are delivered on selected weekdays and recur every week. There is an option on the Products page for adding recurring weekdays when delivery of the product takes place. This will disable all the other weekdays in the delivery calendar on the frontend, so that the customer knows when their selected product can be delivered.


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