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Displaying the testimonials

There are two ways to display the testimonials – put the widget in a widget area or use the [ac-testimonials] shortcode

Shortcode Option

If the shortcode is being used, these parameters are available

  • posts_per_page – -1* This determines how many items to display (-1 is all)
  • orderby – *date, any valid parameter
    • Determines how the portfolio items are sorted. Accepts any valid orderby parameter
  • order – *desc, asc
    • Orders the items in descending or ascending order
  • p – the ID of a specific testimonial item
    • If you’re not sure how to find out what the ID is for your testimonial, read this
  • gravatar_size – 96*
    • There’s a field for an e-mail address on the testimonial screen. If you enter the author’s address in there, the plugin will check to see if they’ve set up a gravatar. If they have, it will be displayed. This field sets the size (in px) of that image.
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