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Changelog: Deposits For WooCommerce

Changelog v3.1 Partial Deposit for Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce – May 16, 2023

This is a minor update to the plugin. This update to the plugin contains an enhancement and bug fixes.


  1. Enhancement: Added class to Hide Partial Payment options via CSS on the Dokan Vendor dashboard.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix: Booking information was not getting added in New Customer Order email notification when an order contains products of different vendors. This is fixed now.
  • Fix: When creating the booking manually, the partial deposit information was not available on the order page. This is fixed now.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v2.8.0 ( Release date: November 18 2022 )

* Enhancement:- Plugin has been made compatible with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage.

* Fix:- Force Deposits wasn’t working on the product page when the Booking & Appointment plugin is active. This has been fixed.

* Fix:- Total Cart Amount String was not translatable. This has been fixed.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v2.7.1 ( Release date: September 13 2022 )

* Fix:- The total duration of the payment plan was getting calculated incorrectly. This has been fixed.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v2.7.0 ( Release date: June 21 2022 )

* Enhancement:- Added a new row on the cart page which will show the total cart amount.
* Fix:- Fixed a fatal error showing in the logs when a scheduled action for the pending scheduled orders run.
* Fix:- It was calculating the incorrect deposit amount when tax is enabled. This has been fixed.
* Fix:- It was creating conflict with the Product Input Fields Pro plugin. This has been fixed.
* Fix:- A payment plan was not getting applied when the product is added to the cart by running a custom add to cart URL. This has been fixed.
* Fix:- A payment plan was not getting applied when the product is added to the cart from the shop page or any product archive page. This has been fixed.
* Fix:- Total duration calculation on the edit product page was not calculating properly. This has been fixed.
* Fix:- Removed some deprecated code.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v2.6.0 ( Release date: August 17 2021 )

* Enhancement – Ability to hide payment plans based on the booking date selected with the WooCommerce Bookings plugin.
* Enhancement – Allow setting time, subject & content of the reminder emails that are sent when automatic payments are enabled.
* Fix – Fixed the internal server error coming with Stripe 3d secure payment.
* Fix – Display the selected Payment Plan under the Order details in the backend when the payment plans are selected on the checkout page.
* Fix – Fixed the issue of not creating an invoice for the Remaining Balance in Stripe for percentage and fixed deposit type.
* Fix – Fixed the issue of not recalculating the amount when the coupon is applied or the products are been added on the backend.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v2.5.0 ( Release date: December 09 2020 )

* Fix – Made the tax calculation on deposit amount instead of full amount when paying deposit.
* Fix – Fixed the fatal error generated while sending an invoice/order details to the customer for manually orders.
* Enhancement – Updated the dues amount text with a payment plan, when before is chosen.
* Enhancement – Added a filter hook to let the user change the subject line of reminder invoices.
* Fix – Fixed the bundle discount applying again on cart page.
* Feature – Added a new feature to apply discount when paid in full.
* Fix – Fixed the warning messages generated when product is added to the cart.
* Enhancement – Added filters to modify payable now and future price html.
* Fix – Added a fix for undefined stripe variable.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v2.4.0 ( Release date: August 31 2020 )

* Enhancement – Added a new setting to enable coupon either on deposit amount or on whole amount.
* Enhancement – Made a code block consistent, removed redundant code and pass all static text payable now & future payments through a filter hook.
* Fix – Made the payable today and future payments updated on changing plans.
* Fix – Made the payable today and future payments updated on changing plans for composite products.
* Fix – Added translator comments for strings with placeholders.
* Fix – Made the Payable now and Future payments displayed in mobile on cart page.
* Fix – Made the tax calculation to consider the whole product cost instead of payable today i.e subtotal when deposit is enabled.
* Fix –  Fixed the deposit amount calculated while using the variable products.
* Enhancement – Removed irrelevant ajax call on changing product variation for a Variable Product.
* Fix – Fixed the get_cart call before wp_loaded error generated after upgrading to woocommerce 4.4.1.
* Enhancement –  Updated POT file.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v2.3.0 ( Release date: April 01 2020 )


This update to the plugin contains some improvements in the Payment Plan feature of the plugin.

  • Now the Payment Plans can be also created using the ‘Fixed Amount’ Payment Scheme.
  • Store owners can schedule the remaining amount payment order for a particular date.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v2.2 ( Release date: February 13 2020 )

  • Fix: The scheduled payments text did not update on the change of payment plans when ‘Force deposits’ were set.
  • Fix: The deposit calculation was incorrect on the product page with the WooCommerce Product Bundles plugin.
  • Fix: The deposit amount was being charged even when the total cart amount was less than the ‘Minimum cart amount to enable checkout based deposit’.
  • Fix: When the ‘Force deposits’ option was selected, then also the checkout page was displaying the option to pay in full.
  • Fix: When the tax was set to exclusive of price, the future payment price was displayed incorrectly on the Order Received page.
  • Fix: When a payment gateway was disabled, it remained disabled even when the ‘Pay full amount’ was selected on the checkout page.
  • Tweak: When the tax is set exclusive of price, the future payment will also be displayed exclusive of price on cart, checkout & Order received page.
  • Fix: When the tax was set inclusive of price, the scheduled payments were calculated incorrectly.
  • Tweak: Added a filter ‘deposit_on_total_incl_tax’ to apply deposit on the cart total including taxes, fees, & shipping.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v2.1 ( Release date: November 13 2019 )


  • Added a new setting called “Minimum cart amount to enable checkout based deposit” to set the minimum amount to enable deposits on the checkout page.

Bug Fixes:

  • The Payable today & future payments on product page were displayed incorrectly with WooCommerce Product Addons.
  • If the immediate payment was set to 0 in the payment plans, then the full amount was being charged.
  • The total duration was displayed incorrectly in the payment plans list.
  • WooCommerce stock was reduced each time a scheduled payment for the same order goes through.
  • Scheduled orders were getting generated when a parent order’s status was changed from On Hold to Processing for checkout based deposits.
  • The Payable Today and the Future Payments were not calculated properly according to the set percentage deposit amount when the Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce’ plugin was activated.
  • The future payments value was not changing on change of the payment plans on the checkout page.
  • Updated the translation files.
  • The future payment was incorrect on order received page & emails when prices were displayed including taxes.
  • The order total in the scheduled payment changed to 0 when the customer invoice was sent manually.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v2.0 ( Release date: May 28 2019 )

This is a major update to the plugin. The feature to charge customers automatically for remaining payments using Stripe has been added in this update along with some bug fixes.

  • New Feature: Added the ability to allow for auto-collecting payments for remaining amounts when the original order has been paid using Stripe.
  • This feature is available only for orders that have been placed by registered users.
  • More details can be found here.
  • Fix: When the cart total is less than the fixed deposit amount, incorrect future payment amount was shown.
  • Fix: Currency sign was not displayed for the full product amount in WooCommerce->Edit Orders page.
  • Coupon discount was not removed when WooCommerce->Settings->Products->Deposits->Disable Coupons setting is disabled and a deposit product is added to a cart that has a coupon applied.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v1.8 ( Release date: April 08 2019 )

  • Made the plugin compatible with WooCommerce Composite Products.
  • Fix: The product page was displaying incorrect deposit amount for Composite products.
  • Tweak: Payment plans breakdown will be displayed on order recieved page & emails as well
  • Tweak: Added a link for parent order in the scheduled and remaining amount order emails
  • New Filters to modify the labels for ‘Pay Deposit’, ‘Pay Future Amount’, ‘Payable TOday’, & ‘Future Amounts’.
  • New filters to modify the payment plans schedule breakdown text on all pages.
  • Tweak: Changes the Email Subject & heading for the scheduled payments order emails.
  • Fix: The payable & future amount on product page was getting doubled on qty change with Booking & Appointments plugin product
  • Fix: The Payment plans were getting saved in random order on the admin side.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v1.7 ( Release date: January 29 2019 )

 Made compatible with 4 plugins –
  • WooCommerce Product Addons
  • Gravity Forms
  • WooCommerce Extra Product options
  • Product Bundles

Bug Fixes –

  1. Fix – The ‘Payable Today’ & ‘Future Amount’ on product page for variable product did not update when the option was changed.
  2. Fix – The ‘Payable Today’ & ‘Future Amount’ on product page did not update on quantity change.
  3. Tweak – Added a filter to display the ‘Payable Today’ & ‘Future Amount’ on Checkout page below the deposit options.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v1.6.1 ( Release date: December 20 2018 )

Bug Fixes –

  1. Made the strings on the product page translatable.
  2. Updated the translation files.

Deposits for WooCoomerce v1.6 ( Release date: December 03 2018 )

  • Made compatible with WordPress 5.0

Bug Fixes –

  1. Fix – Checkout page continously loading when ‘Enable Checkout based Deposits’ setting was turned on.
  2. Fix – The total duration in the Payment Plans admin was calculated incorrectly.
  3. Fix – Debug log errors and warnings

Deposits for WooCoomerce v1.5 ( Release date: 15th October, 2018 )


  1. Deposits on Checkout – Enable deposits on checkout page to allow customers to pay deposit on the whole order.
  2. Compatible with Aelia Currency Switcher – Deposits for WooCommerce is now compatible with Aelia Currency Switcher.
  3. We have added usage tracking in this release. If opted in, we will gather some statistics about how the Deposits for WooCommerce plugin is used on your store. No personal data will be tracked.

Bug fixes:

  1. Fix – The ‘Payable Today’ & ‘Future Payments’ on the product page did not update the prices with the Booking & Appointments plugin.
  2. Fix – The ‘Shipping Address’ details were being set to Billing Address in the scheduled payments created from the payment plans.
  3. Fix – For a Booking product, deposit was being applied even when Full payment was selected ( for the payment plan of ‘X days before’).
  4. Fix – ‘Payable Today’ & ‘Future Amount’ were not being updated correctly on the product page when increasing the product quantity for the Booking product.
  5. Fix – After deleting the plugin, the plugin data was not being deleted.


Deposits for WooCoomerce v1.4  ( Release date: 7th May, 2018 )

Features –

  1. Disable Payment Gateways – Added a setting to add the payment gateways which should be disabled on checkout if deposit product is in the cart.
  2. Disable Coupons – Added a setting to disable the coupons on cart & checkout for deposit products.
  3. ‘Payable Today’ and ‘Future Payments’ are now displayed on the product page.
  4. The products with payment plans will display the number of due days for future payments with amount.
  5. Reminder Emails – Added a setting to enable reminder emails. Invoice Emails for scheduled payments in the payment plans will be sent automatically on the scheduled date.

Bug Fixes –

  1. The totals for remaining amount with tax (including/excluding) enabled.


Deposits for WooCoomerce v1.3 ( Release date: 30th January, 2018 )

Bug Fixes –

  1. Fix – The warnings displayed on the Payment Plans admin page.
  2. Fix – ‘Payable Today’ & ‘Future Payments’ were being displayed on the cart & checkout page even though deposit based product was not present in the cart.
  3. Add translation files for the plugin.


Deposits for WooCoomerce v1.2 ( Release date: 26th October, 2017 )

Features –

  1. Payment plans to pay the remaining amount X days before the booking date ( For Booking & Appointments for WooCommerce and WooCommerce Bookings ).
  2. ‘Default payment type’ – Enable to make ‘Pay Deposit’ as the default selection on the product page.
  3. A setting to add custom text for deposit information on the product page.


Deposits for WooCommerce v1.1 ( Release date: 30th September, 2017 )

Bug Fixes –

  1.  Fix – If add to cart is clicked from shop page, and the deposit type is forced with payment plans, the plans were not getting applied.
  2.  Fix – $0 price was applied when added to cart from shop page if payment plans were empty. Full amount will be applied now.


Deposits for WooCommerce v1.0 ( Release date: 18th September, 2017 )

Initial Release

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