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Mandatory Date Capture

A WooCommerce Checkout page displays all the necessary fields for customer billing address, shipping address etc which are compulsory to be filled by the customer before proceeding. But there are businesses, where filling up the delivery date field is also compulsory along with the other fields. Hence Order Delivery Date Lite for Woocommerce plugin provides this facility to perform mandatory date capture for such businesses.

For instance, say you have an Online catering business where you deliver food for different types of events like Weddings, Birthday parties etc. Here you want that your customers select the event date on which they want the deliveries to take place. So you can set the Delivery Date field mandatory on the checkout page.

You can setup this under Order Delivery Date -> Date Settings -> Order Delivery Date Settings as shown below:

Mandatory Date Capture - Tyche Softwares Documentation

Date Settings tab

Admin Settings:

To set the Delivery Date field as a compulsory field on the checkout page, you need to check the Mandatory field? checkbox as shown below:

Mandatory Date Capture - Tyche Softwares Documentation

Tick the Mandatory field? checkbox

Checkout Page:

If the field is set as required field, there will be a red asterisk (*) mark next to the Delivery Date field label. This mark indicates that the field is compulsory to be filled and cannot be left empty.

Mandatory Date Capture - Tyche Softwares Documentation

Mandatory field showing a red asterisk (*)

If the mandatory Delivery Date field is left empty while placing the order, then an Error message – Delivery Date is a required field will be displayed as shown below:

Mandatory Date Capture - Tyche Softwares Documentation

Error message

The customer then needs to select their preferred delivery date from the calendar and place the order. If you want the Delivery field as an optional field, then you can untick the Mandatory field? checkbox.


In this post, we saw how you can have capturing of delivery date on WooCommerce checkout page as mandatory, as per different business requirements. If your business requires Delivery Time along with Delivery Date field as mandatory field, then you can check our Pro version of Order Delivery Date plugin.

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