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Activating The License

Once the Plugin is installed and activated, you need to save the license key you have received in the email while purchasing this plugin. This is required to update your plugin from plugin page automatically.

Below mentioned are the steps to save and activate your license key:

  1. Go to Product Delivery Date -> Activate License.
  2. Enter the license key provided to you via email in the “License Key” field.
  3. Click on Save Changes button.
  4. Click Activate License button.Plugin_License_correct                 Plugin License Key
  5. “Active” status will be shown in the green color along with the Deactivate License button.Plugin_License_proper1                 Activate License Page
  6. Now your plugin will get all updates. This plugin works even if the license key is not active on your website but then you won’t get any update notifications, hence it is recommended to activate your license for the plugin.

This plugin is now ready and you can turn your WooCommerce store into a full-fledged Product Delivery system.

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