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How to get the latest update of my plugin?

You can download the latest version of your plugin in the following ways:

1. You can update the plugin from your WordPress Plugins page. The update would come only if the license key to the plugin is activated from its respective page.  Please enter the license key in the appropriate page and save it, after saving it, click on Activate button. After the key is activated, you will find a text ‘Active’ in green next to the Activate button. Once the license key is activated, you will receive the update for the plugin.

The license key is attached with Purchase order email notification of the plugin.

Activate license key page
Activate license key page

If you have bought the plugin before 7th December 2013 then you will get to use the lifetime license key for your plugin. Please check for the “license_key.txt” file in the plugin folder if you do not find your license key.

2. If you have bought the plugin after 7th December 2013, please follow the below steps to get the latest copy of your plugin:

i. Log in to our live site here: and then go to this link: , here you can see your purchases and can download the latest version zip file of your plugin.

ii. Once you have downloaded the zip file, you will need to extract the zip file and replace it with your current file on your site via FTP so that no settings are changed and everything is intact.

Please note that all the purchases done before December 7 2013 are lifetime license key holders which means they get the support & updates free forever. For purchases done post-December 7 2013, the license keys are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. The license keys have to be renewed every year at a discounted price in order to receive continued support & plugin updates.

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