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Gujarati Language in WordPress Core

This post is for our team and a small achievement which we accomplished with WordPress 4.6.

Until WordPress 4.6, Gujarati was not fully supported as the translations were not completed for that language. The majority of the Tyche team has Gujarati as a native language. So our team decided to translate WordPress in Gujarati language and see if we could finish that before the release of WordPress 4.6.

The first translation contribution for the Gujarati language was done in March 2016 for WordPress 4.5 by Khyati Gala from our team. But it didn’t take off at that time.

For WordPress 4.6, when our team started doing the translations, 54% of it was completed. The goal was to do it bit by bit every day. We did a sprint where it reached 60%. But the “bit by bit every day” part never happened! So there was a pause after that initial sprint.

Translation in Gujarati
Translation in Gujarati

After a week or so, we noticed this tweet regarding translations from their team. That’s when we woke up again! We again started to coordinate and encourage each other to pursue our goal.

Our team of 7 translated 345 strings in the Gujarati language. Although that was not such a big deal, but seeing it completed & seeing the Gujarati language in WordPress 4.6 was very satisfying.

The idea of writing this post is to show the satisfaction which is there amongst all our team members. Because this is only the beginning. We want each and everyone of our team members to contribute to different areas of WordPress.

We might have missed the bus early on, but it’s never too late to contribute, learn & share.

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