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How to take limited period bookings with WooCommerce?

Many bookings are such that they are done only during a certain period of the year. For example, if you have an apartment that you want to rent out only for 1 month, then it makes sense to open up the bookings only for that particular month. This post describes how to take limited period bookings with WooCommerce, which are only available for a specific date range.

This can be done from the Bookable Time Period section in the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin. You need to select the Bookable Type as “Fixed booking period by dates”. And then you need to enter the booking period in the fields “Bookings Start on” and “Bookings end on” fields.

Bookable Time Period
Bookable Time Period

The other 2 fields “Advance Booking Period” and “Number of dates to choose” are used if the Booking Type is set to Book all year round. That is not covered in this post.

Once these settings are saved, only those dates would be available for booking to the customers.

With this setting, the default view of the product does not change on the frontend.

Default view of bookable product
Default view of bookable product

As shown below, only the dates from 3rd August 2015 to 30th August 2015 are available to be booked in the booking calendar. It will not allow the customer to navigate to any other months or dates.

Only 3rd Aug to 30th Aug are available to book
Only 3rd Aug to 30th Aug are available to book

The booking works exactly the same way as any other booking that’s available at all times during the year. So when you choose your dates, it will appear as shown below.

Booking Dates selected
Booking Dates selected

It requires very minimal effort to create time-bound bookings with the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment Plugin.

We have taken a Vacation rental home product as an example, which is effectively a WooCommerce Multiple day booking. This setting works in the same way for Single day as well as Date & time based bookings.

Don’t feel shy to ask any questions!

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