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Want to compete with Amazon? It’s not impossible

Last month, the unthinkable happened. Amazon shut an arm of its operations in China. While this was more in defeat against other giants like Alibaba, it got us thinking about the nature of the market in our digital world. How can smaller retailers compete with Amazon and the likes? Let’s start with the basics first. […]

Get inspired by these stores which use WooCommerce

We would not blame you if you were not sure which platform you want to use as you take your business online. Certainly, it is not a decision to be made rashly. You must take your time, think about the pros and cons of each platform and then arrive at a decision. While you are […]

How to Change Default Category Thumbnail on WooCommerce Shop Page

WooCommerce product categories are similar to WordPress blog post categories. Product categories are created to organise products. And management of WooCommerce categories is similar to labels and product attributes. As per Bob Phibbs, we must focus on the visual looks of a store to increase sales. This is because our brain absorbs visual things more […]

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