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How we stepped up for our team, our customers & our community

In the last couple of months, a number of e-commerce companies, especially those that focus on fashion, automobile, and travel, are facing a crisis.

This is because consumer focus has shifted towards essential commodities, and the lockdown has caused a breakdown in the delivery system that online retailers rely on. For more information on this, refer to our article, Sink or Swim, that addresses this issue in more detail.

Meanwhile, we at Tyche have also been doing our bit to mitigate the concerns of our customers, our employees as well as the community.

Before that, let me give you a quick recap of how things shaped for us in March 2020.

We saw an increase in the number of pre-sale inquiries that were coming to us, particularly in the form of phone calls to our Marketing Director, David Katzner, who is based in LA. We also handle the occasional pre-sales call within the Indian Time Zone.

All our pre-sale calls have a dual approach; address the customer’s concern first, and then if their requirements can be met via our plugin, then we propose to buy our plugin. At the same time, ensuring them that our plugins are strongly supported by a world-class team.

Back to the main point. We have highlighted some of the action points we took.

Reassuring the Tyche team

We’re aware that job security has come into question during these worrying times. To mitigate that, we took the following steps:

  • In March 2020, we processed the salaries earlier. Cash is especially necessary during such times.
  • We guaranteed our team that their jobs remain safe. And that we won’t be laying-off anyone due to this crisis. We strongly believe that a company is nothing without its team and this is the least we could do.
  • Our company has also been engaging in a fair bit of community work by collaborating with non-profit organizations in terms of providing essentials to the under-privileged in our local community by way of donating 500 masks to a charitable organization.

Extending a helping hand to customers & community

  • Upon noticing the increased traffic on our website and pre-sales inquiries for the Order Delivery Date plugin, we opted to slash the plugin price by 50% to ensure that our customers benefit while providing them with the best after-sales support. This move was intended to support the small businesses across the world and also contributing to our community.
  • Once we realized that a section of our customers was in trouble, we offered our Booking & Appointment plugin for 50% off & also extended the offer to all customers who couldn’t renew right now.

Despite the lockdown in India, despite the increased volume of work, we have remained responsive to our customer base. Our support team has been working tirelessly to resolve the queries and issues presented to us by our customers, and our customers have been equally patient with us.

What’s the result of these efforts?

We received a lot of positivity from our customers. I am highlighting some of our customer replies:

“Thumbs up for your support!

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