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Introducing Multiple Booking Dates Selection in v5.3.0 of Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

We are very excited to announce the release of v5.3.0 of the Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce, as this update can completely improve the way Bookings or Appointments can be taken on your site. The major one among all the features is Multiple Booking Dates Selection. Many of our clients were requesting this feature as they wanted their customers to select multiple dates altogether for booking the product hence we finally rolling this feature in v5.3.0 of the Booking plugin.

Multiple Booking Dates Selection

Let’s say you are taking Music Sessions online and you want your students to enroll for the session with multiple dates. The earlier method was very cumbersome and a student had to do multiple add to carts if they wanted to book multiple classes at a time. This process could even result in less conversions as it was not the optimal way to book your sessions. But now with the Multiple Booking Dates Selection feature, multiple booking dates can be selected, and get added to the cart in one go.

To achieve this behavior,  we have added two more Booking Types in our Booking plugin. One is Dates and another is Dates & Fixed Time as shown in the below screenshot.

Multiple Dates Booking Types
Multiple Dates Booking Types

Suppose, you have set up the product using Multiple Dates & Fixed Time booking type. The view on the front end of the product will be as shown in the below screenshot.

Front End Booking Form View - Multiple Dates Selection
Front End Booking Form View – Multiple Dates Selection

As shown in the above video, clicking the Add Days button will add the selected booking details to the Booking Summary section. Once the required booking details are selected then it can be added to the cart by clicking on Book Now! button.

Advantages of having the option for the user to select multiple dates:

  • More conversions as multiple dates are booked in a single add to cart
  • Ease of use for the end-users

Edit Time Slots

Earlier if you wanted to edit the time then the only possible way was to delete that time slot and add a new time slot. But now it is possible to edit the From time and To time as shown below.

Edit Time Slots
Edit Time Slots

Add Booking Date from My Account

Till now the Bookable Product was allowed to be purchased as we have an option called Purchase without choosing a date that allows the customer to purchase the bookable product without choosing the date. To enhance this functionality, we have now added a way to add the booking details to such a purchase from the My Account page as shown in the below video.

Adding Booking Date from My Account

Notify Customer for Unconfirmed Booking

The customers were not getting notified for their booking when they book a product which requires the confirmation of the store owner. But with this update, the customer will get notified by the below Email Notification as shown in the below screenshot.

Booking Confirmation Pending
Booking Confirmation Pending

Along with all these features and improvements, we have also changed the file structures and deleted some unnecessary files from the plugin.

That was all about the v5.3.0 of Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce. Update to v5.3.0 to take advantage of all these features. Feel free to drop us an email on if you have any questions. We are happy to help you.

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