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Well Begun: January at Tyche Softwares

A year comes, a year goes and it’s not just the cycle of time but also the cycle of hope, planning, and growing. At Tyche, 2019 lulled in lazily, as the month of December pushed us gently ashore.

If you remember, we started a book reading club in December. January saw us discussing ‘Chanakya in You’ by Radhakrishnan Pillai. He is among the leading figures of ancient Indian history, an economist, strategist and, credited with writing the Arthashastra, the Indian treatise on statecraft.

The treatise itself is massive, but ‘Chanakya in You’ tries to adapt it to the contemporary life through the protagonist’s journey of discovering the Arthashastra, and how its teachings could be applied in real life. It has everyone hooked to the simple yet relevant storytelling. Session discussions have included talking about grandfather tales, the importance of a gap year and more.

Does your organization have a book club? We would love to know. 


In October last year, we purchased six plugins from Algoritmika Ltd. In January, we acquired the very versatile Product Input Fields plugin, which allows store owners to add custom fields to product descriptions.

Why is this important? Greater customization. By giving more information on your products and the ability for them to pick from available options and variants, you can give customers a superior shopping experience. With 19 field types to choose from, it is useful for store owners of all types of products, from virtual to physical products.

It is currently priced at: 

Single Store: $39.00
Five Stores: $99.00
Unlimited Stores: $149.00

Technical Updates

The individual plugins, of which we now have 12, had mostly minor tweaks and bug fixes. 

Abandoned Cart Pro 

Version 7.12.0 was released. Filters were added for customizing Product Name, Product SKU and Contents to be added after Product Name in emails and cart details on Abandoned Orders list. It was made further compatible with WordPress 5.0. A bug, where encrypted links were not redirecting correctly for Facebook messages and SMS, was fixed. View the full changelog here.  

Booking & Appointment Plugin 

The version 4.13.1  was released, which was a minor update which included a few bug fixes, such as broken styling  on the Edit Bookings page, tax being calculated twice when editing and booking from the Edit Booking page, and fixing an issue where customers were allowed to book for a duration higher than the limit set. View the changelog here.

Order Delivery Date Plugin

Version 9.3 was released towards the end of January, and included a few enhancements and bug fixes. A new hook ‘orddd_display_tax_in_timeslot_charges’ was added to avoid displaying taxes for time slot charges in the time slot dropdown on the Checkout Page. Bugs such as the current date showing as available in the calendar even when only next day cut-off time was set in the General settings were fixed. View the changelog here.

Deposits Plugin

Version 1.7 was released for the Deposits Plugin. It was made compatible with four plugins; WooCommerce Product Addons, Gravity Forms, Product Bundles and WooCommerce Extra Product Options. There were also two bug fixes and a tweak. View the full changelog here.

That’s about January. In February, we will draw up plans for 2019, there will be some pricing changes and more.

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