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Move to the new office

The quest for peace begins in the home, in the school and in the workplace. – Silvia Cartwright

And we have found peace and satisfaction in our new office aka workplace. Tyche was started in January 2012. Since then, we were working from our homes. It’s been three years and a few months now and Tyche has expanded from 2 members to six. It was time we moved to a new place, the one place we can call our own office, our own workplace.

Finding a new workplace that grows with us requires a bunch of considerations. What’s the transportation? Should we choose the main city or a corporate area? Should it be a plush building or a normal one? Yes, all of that needs to be heavily considered.

And when we finally came to a decision there was more to do. The stuff we need, computers, internet connections and the other office supplies had to be moved rather placed. But even more we focused on creating the space more adaptive, friendly and comfortable.

We selected a campus very close to the main mode of transportation in Mumbai- the trains. It’s a five minute walk from the train station and that is something which all of us are comfortable with since everyone travels from some place far. So 21st April 2015 was the inauguration day of our office and everything went as planned or even better may I add.

We have just settled, it may take a while for the feeling of the new office to sink in. Meanwhile here is a sneak-peek to the not so flashy but the one we can call ours- The new office.



IMG 10

My wife & daughter
Riddhi (Vishal’s wife) & her daughter

The whole team is very excited about working from the new office.

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