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New Website Launched

New website launched

If you’ve been reading some of our previous emails, you would know that we were working on redesigning our new website. We were planning to launch it on 10 October 2015, but I was skeptical.

Despite everything, we were finally able to launch that on 11 October 2015. You can check it out here. We would be really looking forward to have all the feedback that you may have about it. The good, the bad & the ugly! All of it.

What really has changed?

Every launch has it’s share of problems. So did we. And we still have some of them. Following are the things that were achieved on 11 October 2015:

1. Migrated our website to a new design – which is now based on the Altitude Pro theme on Genesis framework.
2. Migrated our website to a new host – Earlier it was LiquidWeb, now we are on DigitalOcean.
3. Changed our email platform – Earlier it was with LiquidWeb, now we are over Gmail.
4. Separated our Support Forums & our website into 2 separate WordPress installs.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without the extreme care & attention given by the team at DevriX to this 1st step. Hats off to Mario Peshev for managing to do the migration on a weekend when their entire team was travelling for a hackathon.

What’s next?

We are now planning to work on our Social media marketing, our blog, changing the website content & other items that are targeted at improving our website.

Once again, please check out the new website & let us know any feedback that you may have. We would be happy to consider it.

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