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Order Delivery Date Plugin comparison with WooODT Extended

With a huge number of businesses currently using WooCommerce as a channel of marketing and others looking to add online shopping as part of their service, customers around the globe usually expect the process of ordering products online as standard practice.

Furthermore, customers assume that their order will arrive on the expected date. As a result, the importance of quick and reliable deliveries for WooCommerce retailers is greater than ever.

There are many WordPress plugins made to offer the best shipping and delivery service for your orders such as Order Delivery Date by WooCommerce, Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce by our team at Tyche, WooODT Extended by ByConsole, and many more.

In an earlier post, we have compared our plugin with the WooCommerce Order Delivery plugin. In this post, we will compare the features of WooODT Extended by ByConsole with Tyche’s Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce.

Plugin NameOrder Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce pluginWooODT Order Details
WooCommerce IntegrationYesYes
Option to set required Delivery DaysYesYes
Settings to set HolidaysYesYes
Minimum Preparation Time for the orderYesYes
Fixed Time SlotsYesYes
Lockout based on time slotYesYes
Delivery information on WooCommerce -> Orders pageYesYes
Delivery information in emailsYesYes
Same day cut-off timeYesYes
Next day cut-off timeYesYes
Pickup Stores locationsYesYes
Different delivery settings based on Pickup LocationYesYes
Delivery Calendar widget [displays available date before Cart and Checkout page]YesYes
Color Code Your CalendarYesYes
Option to change the field label nameYesYes
Option to change the Delivery fields placement on the Checkout pageYesYes
Is free version available?YesYes
Number of active installs of free version7000+1,000+
Demo site with live Pro versionYesYes, but one needs to ask credentials from a support team
Admin delivery calendar displays upcoming deliveriesYesAvailable as a paid addon
Create CSV for orders day wise, week wise and month wiseYesAvailable as a paid addon
2 different dates for a Pickup date and Delivery dateAvailable as a paid addonYes
Add Delivery LocationsNoYes
Different delivery Settings based on Delivery LocationsNoYes
Subscription ordersAvailable as a paid addonNo
Post Delivery Product ReviewsAvailable as a paid addonNo
Google calendar syncYesNo
Specific Delivery DatesYesNo
Cut-off time by WeekdayYesNo
Estimated delivery dateYesNo
Choose the exact time of deliveryYesNo
Different delivery settings based on the Shipping methodYesNo
Different delivery settings based on Shipping classYesNo
Different delivery settings based on Product CategoryYesNo
Disable the Delivery Date and Time Slot Fields for Virtual Products, Featured Products as well as individual Product categoriesYesNo
Email reminder before certain days of deliveryYesNo
Maximum Order Deliveries per day based on each orderYesNo
Maximum Deliveries based on per product quantityYesNo
Additional charge for Same day ordersYesNo
Additional charge for Next day ordersYesNo
Print the orders day wise, week wise and month wiseYesNo
Option to display Delivery fields on the Cart pageYesNo
Calendar ThemeYesNo
Price of the plugins $99$95


It may be said that both these plugins offer almost all the basic and essential features needed for the store owners for whom Delivery Date and Time is an essential feature.

But, it is not wrong to say that Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin by Tyche Softwares have raised the bar for the delivery plugins by offering some advanced features like:

* Google Calendar 2-way sync
* Different delivery settings based on the Shipping method, Shipping class, and Product Category
* Email reminders before certain days of delivery
* Maximum Order Deliveries per day based on each order, and many such features

Every store owner wants to ensure that they can make the best use of their resources. The Order Delivery Date Pro plugin allows you to schedule your deliveries as per your business type.

Here is a list of businesses that are using our Delivery date plugin & thereby they are able to increase the efficiency of their operations by allowing the plugin to handle the day-to-day delivery scheduling. Thus they are able to focus 100% on their business operations.

You can also check out this post that compares various Delivery Date plugins that are available in the WooCommerce ecosystem.

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7 months ago

Request for additional features.

  • Add Delivery Locations
  • Different delivery Settings based on Delivery Locations
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