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Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce

Abandoned carts are not only a revenue-related issue but a hard-to-understand puzzle that leaves the online store owners wondering WHY the customer left the cart in the middle and HOW to bring them back. Abandoned Cart Pro helps you send periodic reminders and personalized offers via email, text, & messenger to win your abandoned cart users back.
Version : 9.4.0
Last Updated : November 28, 2023
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“Abandoned cart pro is worth every penny. We have successfully recovered about 17k abandoned carts just this month in sales. The extra benefit of exporting and diagnosing potential sales and areas where we need improvement is immense.”

Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares

Kenny Rhoads

Web Developer & Marketing Manager- MultiTable

How Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce
works to help you bring back your customers

Illustrating how customers walk away and abandoned their shopping cart

Products added into the shopping cart

Customers browse through your online store's product inventory. They select the products they love and add those products to their cart for checkout.

Customer's account details collected

The customer will be asked to either log in with an email address or a Facebook account (this capture can happen within the checkout page if you prefer)

Customer abandoned the cart

If the customer doesn’t successfully checkout, Abandon Cart Pro automatically sends reminders at intervals pre-defined by you.

Recover lost sales by timely reminders and popups

Abandoned carts negatively affect all e-commerce businesses. The lost revenue can crush your bottom line.  But you can persuade those almost-converted abandoned cart customers to complete the order with effective and enticing follow-ups.

Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce is loaded with useful features that help you send an effective volume of reminders via text, email, and messenger. You can also share and manage discount codes that will encourage your customers to complete their order.

Online stores that send recovery emails within 20 mins to 1 hour saw a conversion rate of 4.5% to 5.2%

Sometimes it is better to experience and find out by yourself 🙂

Truly automated Abandoned Cart Pro features

WooCommerce abandoned cart pro features that improve conversions with minimal human intervention

Add to cart & exit intent popup

Stop the users before abandoning the cart with the exit intent and add-to-cart popups.
"Since installing the Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce on our site, we could immediately recover carts. The setup is straightforward and easy. The email notification and scheduling combined with coupon codes is a great feature that helps us to create additional, previously lost, sales revenue."
Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares
Chris Listl
Add to cart & exit intent popup function of abandoned cart plugin
Automated messaging option in abandoned cart plugin

Automated messaging

Send a perfectly timed sequence of recovery messages to the customers at the intervals you define.
"Excellent plugin to perform abandoned cart actions rather inexpensively compared to other solutions. Support was also great at quickly resolved my issues."
Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares

Multiple Email address capture points

Make your abandoned cart recovery effort easier by capturing customer’s email address from various points like-

“Excellent plugin- I had no idea how many abandoned cart we were getting before I installed this and now I know about the abandoned carts! We have the pro version up & running and collecting email addresses. These are feeding into our SendInBlue abandoned cart automation - easy to setup.”
Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares
Simon Evans
Multiple Email address capture points in abandoned cart plugin
Recovery incentives settings in abandoned cart plugin

Recovery incentives

Offer deals to encourage abandoned cart WooCommerce users to complete the order.
"We use the Abandonned cart plugin, and it has been working great for us; It’s a great investment. We have recovered many orders that allowed us to pay back the setup cost, and now we are making a profit on it. Moreover, Tyche provided excellent customer support service when needed. I highly recommend their services."
Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares
Bassam Jalgha

Rules Engine

You can set certain rules based on which only specified abandoned carts will be targeted.
“This is a great, useful plugin. I am in a better position to retain customers that come to my site and do not complete an order. The plugin is simple to set up and I have received great support throughout. Keep up the good work!”
Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares
Bess Obarotimi
Email template in abandoned cart plugin
Message personalization​ settings in abandoned cart plugin

Message personalization​

Make unique and appealing abandoned cart recovery messages with the customization option.
""This plugin is great, works perfectly! I had some issues because of the customized checkout form and support was there to help me with everything. They are 100% professional but very friendly and kind. I am delighted with the Abandoned Cart plugin and support!""
Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares

Detailed Stats

Track which products are being abandoned, and how your recovery measures are performing.
"This product has worked great for our business and has allowed us to convert customers that we most likely would not have. It's very easy to set up, and the plugin provides tremendous support if needed."
Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares
Andrew Randazzo
Detailed Stats in abandoned cart

Wait...the list is not over

We have loaded Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin with tons of useful features

Increasing sales is hard, but this one plugin can increase your revenues by 10%

Increase your revenue by 10% by recovering lost sales from abandoned carts

It's not about the plugin alone. It's the experience we provide

Our customers love us for many reasons, here are a few…

Trusted by 100,000+ Customers

We are helping WooCommerce businesses for a decade now.

Amazing Customers Support

Our support team is always there to assist you.

Regular Product Updates

We release product updates periodically to give you the latest and the greatest.

Superb Code Quality

We always believe in clean coding so that you can run your store smoothly.

We listen to our customers

When there is a demand for a feature from our customers, we bring it live.


Things grow strong when you integrate, so we went miles to help you reach your goals with these integration options.

Screenshot Tour

A glimpse of how your daily interaction with our plugins will be to simplify your WooCommerce store tasks.

If you sell stuff online, we can help get it to your customers on time!

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Pick a plan that suits your needs

"Abandoned Cart Pro does a great job keeping track of carts left behind and I’ve used it for a couple of years. The support is also great! It’s very comforting to use a product created by people who care after the sale has been made. I will continue to use and endorse this product."
Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares
Suzanne P Darte


1 Year License

Normally $299

Normally $149

$89.40 / 1st Year

Single Store (renews at $149)

$149 / Yearly

Single Store

Add To Cart
  • Capture email & phone number from Checkout page
  • Capture emails before checkout page with Add to Cart popup
  • Exit Intent popup
  • Email reminders for cart recovery
  • SMS reminders for cart recovery
  • Facebook reminders for cart recovery
  • 3 pre-built workflows for cart recovery
  • 12 abandoned cart email templates
  • Incentivise cart recovery with coupon codes
  • Webhooks
  • Custom SMTP server


1 Year License

Normally $399

Normally $299

$179.40 / 1st Year

Five Stores (renews at $299)

$299 / Yearly

Five Stores

Add To Cart
  • All features of Starter plan
  • Integration with Mailchimp
  • Integration with ActiveCampaign
  • Integration with Mailjet
  • Integration with Sendinblue
  • Integration with Drip
  • Capture Email address from Form plugins
  • Unsubscribe Landing pages
  • Capture Email address from custom fields


1 Year License

Normally $499

Normally $349

$209.40 / 1st Year

Ten Stores (renews at $349)

$349 / Yearly

Ten Stores

Add To Cart
  • All features of Business plan
  • Integration with FluentCRM
  • Integration with WP Fusion
  • Integration with Klaviyo
  • Integration with Hubspot
  • Priority Support
* Plugin updates, downloads and support are provided for the duration of your current subscription

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied within 30 days of purchase, you’re more than welcome to a full refund!
Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares

Vishal Kothari

Version : 9.4.0

Updated : 28 November 2023

WordPress : 6.4.1

WooCommerce : 8.3.1

Customer Testimonials

Describe the problem in brief. Use emotionally charged language that your customers use when describing their problems!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the Abandon Carts under WooCommerce > Abandoned Carts > Abandoned Orders page. All the plugin settings, including list of Abandoned Carts, emails sent, recovered carts, etc. are contained here. The only thing not present on this page is the Dashboard widget, which will show up on your WordPress admin dashboard.

For all users, the cart is considered as abandoned after the set cut-off time has passed. The default value for this is X minutes.

For a logged-in user, the cart is tracked right after the product is added to his cart. It is considered abandoned as soon as the cut-off time has passed since adding the product to cart. Whereas, for a guest user, if Add to cart popup modal is enabled then the cart will be abandoned once the email address is entered in popup modal. If Add to cart modal is disabled then the cart can be abandoned only after the guest user reaches the checkout page and mentions his first name, last name, phone number, and email address.

in the right sidebar and your active license key(s) will be listed at the top of the page.

You will find all the Abandoned Cart plugin settings in WooCommerce > Abandoned Carts -> Settings page. They are divided into 4 categories, namely General Settings, Add To Cart Popup Editor SettingsEmail Sending Settings & Restriction Settings.

When you add or edit an email template, it has a “Enter coupon code to add into email” Here you need to enter a coupon code that you have created from WooCommerce > Coupons page. You would also need to add the {{coupon.code}} merge tag in the Body section of the template. This will send the same coupon code to all customers to whom that abandon cart email is sent to.

If you want to send a unique coupon code to each customer, then you need to enable the “Generate unique coupon codes” setting. In addition, you still need to enter a parent coupon code in the “Enter a coupon code to add into email” setting. The unique coupon codes will be generated based on the settings added for the parent coupon code.

You can learn more about the coupon code settings here.

When an order is claimed, it is removed from the Abandoned Orders list and moved to Recovered Order tab under WooCommerce > Abandoned Carts. No further emails will be sent to any customer who has already claimed their abandoned cart.

Yes. You can view which email templates are sent to which customers from the Sent Emails tab. You can also view which customers have opened the email.

Alternatively, for email sent to customers, you can also send a copy of it to the site admin or to an external email address too. This can be done from the add/edit email template page in the “Send the Abandoned cart emails to:” field.

Our plugin uses the WP-Cron which will send the abandoned cart reminder email to customers automatically. The email sending is done at every 15 minutes. If you want, you can change this interval from the “Setting for sending emails using WP Cron” under “Email Sending Settings” page in Settings.

There are several reasons abandoned cart reminder emails not being sent from your website.

It could be that WP-Cron is disabled on your site, or your server has some restrictions which does not allow WP-Cron, or the emails are actually sent, but the email server has failed to deliver them to the recipient. If you see the emails under the “Sent Emails” section but if they are still not being received, then it’s likely a problem with your email server. You can contact your web host about this.

You can refer to this post for fixing the WP-Cron issue.

Yes, that is dummy data. The merge tags in the email template are replaced with the data of the store, like admin email address, two simple products of the store and other information are fetched and replaced with the merge tags. When the actual abandon cart recovery emails are sent out, these merge tags will be replaced with the customer’s cart data.

Yes, you can setup a manual cron in your server’s administration panel. For example, if you are using cPanel, it has a section Named as “Cron Jobs” which allows you to create the cron job.

/usr/bin/wget -q -c {your_site_path}/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-abandon-cart-pro/cron/wcap_send_email_using_cron.php

You can refer to this document for creating a cron job in cPanel.

Once the customer clicks on the add to cart button, our plugin opens the popup modal for capturing the customer’s email address. If the email address capture is set to be mandatory in admin, then the popup modal will close if the email address is not provided by the customer & the item will not be added to cart. Once the email address is provided by the customer, only then the product will be added to the cart. The email capture can be set as non-mandatory, which means that the popup to ask for email address will be displayed, but the customer can simply click on the “No thanks” button & proceed to adding the item to the cart.

You can learn more about the Add to cart popup modal here.

If you are using custom buttons for Add to Cart, then the popup won’t appear. The Add to Cart popup appears with the default Add to Cart buttons.

It is also possible that you are using the Add to Cart button on a custom page & not one of the default pages like WooCommerce’s shop page, product page, category page and on the home page.

You can contact our support team to get this resolved as each custom button needs a different solution.

Yes, our plugin is compatible with WPML. You can send the abandoned cart reminder emails in different languages using WPML. Our plugin will send the abandoned cart reminder emails in the respective language in which the customer has abandoned the cart. You can learn more about it here.

Yes, our plugin is compatible with Aelia multicurrency switcher plugin. We have an addon Aelia Currency Switcher addon for WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin.

It will send the abandoned cart reminder emails in the same currency in which customer had abandoned the cart.

You have to just upload the plugin and in network settings, check the option to enable plugin management, and then from each individual site you need to activate it.

We have made every effort to make our plugin compliant to the GDPR guidelines. As a part of compliance we do not capture any data of end users and customers without consent.


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