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Release Notes – Booking & Appointment Plugin 4.0.0

As you might be aware, we have been in the process of releasing a major update to the Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce.

The expected release date was set to June 5, 2017. However, we found some issues in the last phase of testing and decided to delay the update.

We have released version 4.0.0 today on June 8. A brief list of the changes done in this version are below.

  1. Completely revamped the Booking meta box in the Product page.
  2. Beautified the Booking Global Settings page.
  3. Beautified the front end UI for a smoother end user experience.
  4. Major changes have been done in the way the booking settings are saved.
  5. We’re now saving each booking as a post in wp_posts.
  6. New features have been added as below:
    1. Added the ability to add multiple fixed ranges.
    2. Added the ability to create ranges using only months.
    3. Added the ability to set a maximum day value for multiple day bookable products.
    4. Added the ability to enable/disable weekdays for multiple day bookings.
    5. Added the ability to remove the calendar icon for booking fields.

The details to the above mentioned features can be found in our earlier blog post.

Please test this update on a staging site if you can and take a site backup for your peace of mind.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our beta testers for volunteering their time. A big thank you to Josh Gomes (, Mahmood (, Mario Acunto (, Marco van Wijnbergen (, Ludwig (

I would also like to express my gratitude to the entire plugin development team (Vishal, Pinal, Kartik) as well as the testing team (Khyati, Apeksha). A big thank you to Priyanka as well for handling the support efficiently during this time.

As usual your feedback is of immense value to us. Please let us know how you like the changes and what more do you wish to see in the upcoming releases of the plugin here.

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