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See you at WordCamp Vadodara 2019

Navratri is over & it’s already the week of WordCamp Vadodara! Yay! We are very excited for this event for several reasons:

  1. We are a Silver sponsor
  2. 9 of our team members will be attending the WordCamp
  3. Dhruvin Shah from our team will be part of a panel discussion

As a team, we are attending a WordCamp after almost 18 months. The last one we attended was WordCamp Mumbai 2018. As much as we do love to attend all WordCamps, it is not always possible to do that.

We are very eager to meet each & every one of you who is attending the WordCamp. We would encourage you to drop by our booth or catch hold of any of our team members. It will be easy to spot us in our Tyche T-shirts.

Don’t hesitate to initiate a conversation. Because we won’t. 😉 You can also know more about our company culture here.

We will be in the lovely city of Vadodara on 13th October too. Incase you want to meet for a coffee on a lazy Sunday, we’ll be up for it. 😀

Lastly, I know the organizing team of WordCamp Vadodara has been putting in a lot of efforts to make this event a huge success. I would like to congratulate Dhruv, Jaimin & everyone else for the hard work they’re putting in.

See you on October 12!

Did I say we’re always hiring? 😉

See you at WordCamp Vadodara 2019 - Tyche Softwares

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