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How Stacey Jane’s Nappy Cakes increased their order fulfilment rate using the Order Delivery Date plugin

In this case study, we will be looking at how Stacey Simpson has used Order Delivery Date plugin to handle delivery scheduling for their online WooCommerce shop.

Based in the Adelaide Hills, Stacey is the owner of Stacey Jane’s Nappy Cakes. They provide gifts to individual and corporate customers located in Adelaide and Australia wide. As the name suggests, they specialize in Nappy Cakes and Baby Gifts.

Stacey Jane’s Nappy Cakes works a little different to other baby gift stores.  Most of the products you see online are assembled ONLY once your order is placed, allowing you to add and create your own personalised touch to your nappy cake or baby gift.

And you know what’s unique about their business? The products consist of high-quality nappies, cotton socks, a soft toy & so on.

Stacey uses WooCommerce for her online store. She purchased the Order Delivery Date Plugin in December 2015 from us & it has become an important part of her WooCommerce store since then.

We contacted Stacey some time back & asked her to tell us on how the Order Delivery Date Pro plugin has helped her store’s ordering process & how has she benefited from the plugin.

Below is the quick Q & A we had:

1) What sort of problem have you solved with our plugins?

I was finding a lot of customers requesting unrealistic delivery dates for products that required my time to assemble then ship, they were also requesting weekend delivery and public holidays (even though I had this clearly stated on the checkout page only weekday delivery).

This plugin has made a huge difference in restricting certain days and dates for delivery. It has even allowed me to segment certain categories to allow same day delivery and cut off time for this category too.

2) How did using the plugin changed your business?

I never like saying NO to a customer, so this plugin has help by only allowing them to select realistic shipping dates for individual products. It has also cut my time down immensely in not having to return emails or make phone calls to explain that they could not have the gift they ordered on the day they requested or will be delayed due to transit times. This in turn has helped maintain good customer service and not make me look like I can’t fulfill their order.

3) Was there any measurable impact from the moment you started using our plugin till now – growth percentage, monetary increase over time?

No, the delivery date plugin will not be able to show a measurable impact on the business.

4) Did you use our plugin in a fun, experimental way that you’d like to share with us?

I like the fact that I could change the description from delivery date to “Dispatch Date” – I was finding interstate customer requesting next day delivery even though it would take 3-4 days to reach it’s destination (which was noted on checkout).

Delivery Date field

In Conclusion

As Stacey mentioned, the plugin has benefited her business by allowing them to increase order fulfilment, provide better customer service, saving her time by avoiding phone calls & emails to customers for delivery scheduling & re-scheduling, and allow as well as restrict same-day deliveries by using category based delivery date & time settings.

We would like to thank Stacey Simpson for providing us valuable insights on how our plugin has had a huge impact on her business.

You can visit their website at:

Note: There are no affiliate links in this post.

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