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Agile CRM Sync for WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Plugin

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This addon for the Abandoned Cart Pro Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to sync the Abandoned Carts with Agile CRM. It adds an “Addon Settings” tab that provides with settings which are exclusively for exporting Abandoned Cart data to Agile CRM.

Addon Version: 1.0
Release Date: 02.02.2017
  • This addon will work only with the Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin installed.
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  • Additional followup with your Abandoned Cart customers from your Agile CRM interface
  • Automatically add the abandoned cart data to your Agile CRM
  • You can manually add the abandoned cart data to your Agile CRM

The Agile CRM addon allows you to export your store’s abandoned cart data to your Agile CRM. The Abandoned Cart customer data will be created as a Contact in your Agile CRM dashboard. The Abandoned cart details will be added in the “Notes” section of that Contact.

This addon has an option to allow for real-time sync, which means the Abandoned Carts will be automatically added to the Agile CRM Contact list as & when they are created. You also have an option to export all past orders to your Agile CRM installation.

Compatibility & Changelog

Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin Version: 4.5

WooCommerce : 2.6.13

WordPress: 4.7.1

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