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Currency per Product for WooCommerce

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1 year license
30 day money-back guarantee
WordPress 4.4 AND ABOVE
WooCommerce 3.0.0 AND ABOVE

Allows to display different currencies for different products.

Version 1.5.3
Last Updated August 26 2021
Billed yearly until cancelled

Enable different currencies for different products

Currency per Product for WooCommerce plugin lets you set and display prices for WooCommerce products in different currencies.

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Great Plugin. Support team is excellent

Key features:

Product Types

Works with all WooCommerce product types.

Payment in Store Currency

Allows to take payment only in the Store Currency.

Exchange Rates

Setup exchange rates manually or automatically update the same.

Admin Reports

Filter admin reports by currency.

Price Widget

Ability to use converted prices in 'Filter Products by Price' widget.

Sort by Price

Ability to sort with converted prices.

Customize Cart and Checkout behaviors

Customize Cart and Checkout page behaviours as desired.

This plugin allows you to do the following:


Setup Cart and Checkout behaviour as needed.


Ensure orders are placed with a single currency.

What people say for the plugin:

Xabier Perez

Great Support

Great support. Thanks a lot.

Timo Basar

Excellent Plugin

Really fast and personal support; until problem or wish is solved!

Footprint South

Great Plugin!

The plugin works out of the box with little work needed to set it up. Would recommend if you need to use different currencies on Woocommerce.

Will Dove

Excellent Plugin

Fantastic plugin. Does exactly what it says and very simple to use. I have customers on subscriptions in both the US and Canada with the fees being slightly different in each country. After literally hours of searching for what I thought would be a simple solution to charging customers in the US in USD and Canadian customers in CAD dollars (at least on the front end) I finally found this. Seamless. Customers in each country see their own currency. The charge even shows up on Stripe in the related currency. Conversion is only done at payout. Couldn't be better. And with the Pro version exchange rates are updated daily.


Great Support

Plugin does what it says and developer was quick to respond to my questions and add a needed feature.


Great support

the best add-on for the currency and great support


Great Plugin

Support team is excellent

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the different currencies be visible on the Shop Archives page?

Yes, the currencies will be visible on the Shop Archives pages and other pages where the product will be displayed.

What will be the currency at the time of Checkout?

The currency at the time of checkout will be the original store currency.

Can I allow users to place an order in converted currencies?

Yes, it is possible to place an order in the product currency. However, only products of one currency can be present in a single order.

Is it possible to update exchange rates automatically?

Yes, it is possible to update exchange rates automatically.

Is it possible to sort the products by converted prices?

Yes, it is possible to sort products using converted prices.

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Our Currency Per Product plugin for WooCommerce will enable you to sell products in different currencies.

Update the exchange rates automatically at a frequency of your choice. Take order payments in multiple currencies or ensure that the payments are taken only in the store currency.

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Just what you were looking for?

Our Currency Per Product for WooCommerce Plugin will enable you to show different currencies on different products.

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