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Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce Plugin

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35 reviews
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1 year license
30 day money-back guarantee
WordPress 5.0.0 and above
WooCommerce 4.0.0 and above

Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce allows you to setup fees and discounts based on the payment medium selected by the user.

Version 2.6.6
Last Updated September 28 2021
Billed yearly until cancelled

Apply Fees or Offer Discounts based on Payment Gateways

This plugin lets you add fees and discounts based on the payment gateway. Fees and discounts can be applied globally or at the product level. The plugin can also apply fees based on country, state, product category etc. The plugin also provides the ability to apply taxes on fees. Fees can also be calculated by excluding the shipping charges if needed.

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Most complete payment fees plugin for WooCommerce I've found. Thanks guys!

Key features:

Payment Gateway based Pricing

Allows admin to setup payment gateway based fees and discounts.

Global Fees

Exclude Payment Gateways from Global Fees as desired.

Fee Information on Product page

Setup the plugin to display fee information on the single product page.

Setup minimum/maximum value on Fee/Discount

Setup the minimum and maximum fee/discount applicable.

Fees as Percentage/Fixed Value

Setup fees as a percentage value or a fixed amount.

Round off Fees/Discounts

Round off fees as desired.

Product level Fees/Discounts

Setup product level fees/discounts for each payment medium.

Include/Exclude Product Categories

Apply fees based on payment medium and product categories.

Include/Exclude countries and states

Apply fees based on payment medium and countries and states.

Make Fees taxable

Apply taxes on fees.

Exclude shipping charges

Exclude shipping charges when calculating fees.

This plugin allows you to do the following:


Display fee information on single product page.


Exclude countries for which fees should not be applied.

What people say for the plugin:


AMAZING Plugin. Just what we were looking for 🙂

Thank you for releasing this plugin. Author fulfilled our feature request in less than 6 hours. We went ahead and bought the premium plugin to get all the features as well


Runs perfect!!!

Runs perfect

Dirk Meinke (netzwerkstatt)

Best Support Team

Fantastic support! I had an issue with a third party plugin and requested a quote for customization work by the developer - instead of invoicing me, they helped me solve the issue! Thank you very much, this clearly was one of the better WP/WC support teams you can run into (oh and the plugin works).



The support is absolutely super! had a problem and they fixed it in 10 minutes, I absolutely recommend it!!



Thank you so much. Easy to configure and works like a charm!! Please set up a donation button so that we can buy you beer


Awsome plugin!!!

Very easy to configure, a lot of features and the only one that has the ability to round fees! Great job Algoritmika, thank you!


Plugin is great and support is super proactive!

This plugin does everything it says on the tin and does it well! Intuitive to use with lots of control. I also have to mention how good the support is. I came across a plugin incompatibility issue (another plugin). Tom responded quickly and was motivated to update his own plugin to work with this particular plugin. This kind of support is unbelievably helpful! Thanks!



Nice Plugin. Thanks

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I setup fees for each payment gateway at the product level?

Yes, settings can be created at the product level by enabling WooCommerce->Settings->Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts->General->Payment gateways fees and discounts on per product basis.

Does it work with Variable Products?

Yes, the plugin works with variable products.

Can I display the fee information on the product pages?

Yes, it is possible to display the fees on the single product pages. Please enable the settings in WooCommerce->Settings->Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts->Info.

Can I apply the fees as a percentage?

Yes, the fees can be applied as a fixed value or a percentage of the total.

Can I exclude shipping charges for total fee calculation?

Yes, the fees can be calculated by excluding the shipping charges.

Can I apply taxes on fees?

Yes, taxes can be applied on the fee.

Can I merge all fees to display as a single component in the Cart?

Yes, the fees can be merged and displayed as a single component.

Can I add different fees for different countries for the same payment gateway?

Yes, it is possible to set different fees for customers from different countries for same gateway. This can be done by setting up 'Main Fee' and 'Additional Fee' - each fee has its own 'Countries to include/exclude' options.
You may also want to add fixed value for both fees - this can be done by using 'Global Extra Fee' in WooCommerce->Settings->Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts->Global Extra Fee.
For e.g. you need to setup Paypal fees as 2.9% + $0.35 for customers from USA and 4.5% + $0.35 for customers elsewhere. In this case you would need to:
1. Set PayPal 'Main fee' to 2.9% and set 'Countries to include' to USA.
2. Set PayPal 'Additional fee' to 4.5% and set 'Countries to exclude' to USA.
3. Enable 'Global Extra Fee', set it to $0.35 and set 'Exclude from gateways' to exclude all gateways except PayPal.

Does your plugin comply to the GDPR guidelines?

We have made every effort to make our plugin compliant to the GDPR guidelines. As a part of compliance we do not capture any data of end users and customers without consent.

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Our Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts plugin for WooCommerce will allow you to apply fees and discounts based on the payment gateway selected at Checkout. Apply fees based on product categories, cart totals and much more using the variety of settings provided.

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Just what you were looking for?

The plugin allows you to apply fees and discounts based on payment gateway selected at Checkout. Fees can be setup at the global or product level and customized using the variety of settings provided.

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