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Portfolio Plugin |

Plugin Version: 1.5.0
Release Date: January 1, 2018

This plugin provides an easy way to display your portfolio on your website.

A plugin like that should be simple to setup and use and integrate tightly with WordPress providing the smallest learning curve possible to get up and running quickly — and that’s exactly what Portfolio Plugin offers.

  • Custom Post Type-driven portfolio showcases your work, keeping it separate from posts, pages, and other content types.
  • Custom Taxonomy called “Features” allows you to “tag” your portfolio items which creates a filter list for a unique and practical way of presenting that info to your visitors
  • jQuery Quicksand for filtering animation (when using the ‘features’ taxonomy) shows and hides your different portfolio items
  • Individually set hyperlinks on portfolio items — link to the portfolio item’s page, a different/larger version of the portfolio image or even link to another website entirely (perfect for client sites, YouTube or Vimeo videos, etc…). Mix and match to meet your individual needs.
  • Supports upgrade-safe CSS changes — Copy the CSS file from the plugin directory to your theme and the plugin will load your file instead, ensuring no conflicts and no worrying about future updates overwriting customizations.
Get your basic portfolio up in 5 easy steps
1. Install and activate this plugin, of course
2. Under the new Portfolio menu item click “Add New”
3. Enter your Portfolio details including uploading an image, assigning features (if desired), and selecting what you want to have happened when the portfolio image is clicked.
4. Create a new Page, place [portfolio] into the main editor box and click Publish
5. Sit back and marvel at the awesomeness you’ve just unleashed upon the internets.

Add the [portfolio] shortcode to your post, page or other content areas. Customizations are available and can be accessed via shortcode options which you can read about in the plugin documentation.

WordPress: 4.0+
Help & Support

If you need any help then you can drop an email on or you can request support from the Contact page. As well as you can directly post your questions on the support page of this plugin on


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