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Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce

4.9 rating

47 customer reviews

Average rating: 4.87 out of 5 stars
47 reviews
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1 year license
30 day money-back guarantee
WordPress 3.0 AND ABOVE
WooCommerce 3.0 AND ABOVE

This plugin gives store owners the ability to recover sales with WooCommerce that are lost to abandoned shopping carts by logged-in customers or by visitors. Store owners can setup automated emails, messages on Facebook Messenger or text messages to be sent to customers to recover the abandoned carts.

Version 7.12.0
Last Updated January 12 2019
50% discount on automatic renewals, billed yearly

Start Recovering Your Lost Sales

Abandoned Cart Pro works in the background, sending multiple emails, Facebook messages & text reminders to your customers about their abandoned orders. The plugin offers incentives to return and complete their purchase with discounts and coupons, thereby assisting in recovering lost sales.

Capture emails early with the new Add to Cart Popup.
No expensive monthly fees. No profit sharing. Trusted by over 30,000 WooCommerce stores.

Kenny Rhoads

Kenny Rhoads

Abandoned cart pro is worth every penny. We have successfully recovered about 17k just this month in sales. The extra benefit of exporting and diagnosing potential sales and areas where we need improvement are immense. An extra special thanks to David Katzner and the developers for their attention to some custom requests we had asked for.

Add custom variables like Customer Name, Cart Information, Coupons, etc. in the email template gif

Add custom variables like Customer Name, Cart Information, Coupons, etc. in the email template

Comes with 3 email campaigns inbuilt that fire immediately after a cart is abandoned gif

Comes with 3 email campaigns inbuilt that fire immediately after a cart is abandoned.

Create unlimited email templates to be sent at intervals that you set gif

Create unlimited email templates to be sent at intervals that you set

Identify the Abandoned Orders information, including the products that were abandoned gif

Identify the Abandoned Orders information, including the products that were abandoned

Ability to send reminders on Facebook Messenger.

Capture Emails early with Add to Cart Popup.

Ability to send Text Messages for Cart Recovery (Twilio Integration).

Comes with 3 responsive email templates inbuilt that fire immediately after a cart is abandoned.

Real time email capture on Checkout page.

Added 11 pre-defined, fully responsive email templates to choose from.

Recover carts from anywhere with Cross-Device Cart Rebuilding

Capture Emails from URL.

Incentivize customers by sending unique coupon codes to complete their purchase.

Auto-apply discount codes when recovering abandoned carts

Fully integrated with Aelia Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin.

Send abandoned cart emails to customers, admin or external email addresses

Identify the Abandoned Orders information, including the products that were abandoned

Add custom variables like Customer Name, Cart Information, Coupons, etc. in the email templates

Track abandoned orders value v/s recovered orders value, emails sent, opened, links clicked in each email

WPML compatible email templates: the customers will receive abandoned cart email notifications in the language in which they abandoned the cart


  • Full Automation Of Your Cart Follow-up Process
  • Best Pre-built Campaigns & Schedule based on years of data & research
  • Recover From Anywhere With Cross-Device Cart Rebuilding
  • CRM Integration For Additional Follow-ups
  • Smart-Stop Emails

Why would a customer abandon their shopping cart?

  • Price higher than expected after shipping/taxes
  • Shopper decides to wait and look for a better deal
  • Lack of trust / confidence
  • Confusion during the checkout process
  • Credit card denied at checkout
  • Urgent matter causes shopper to leave

Sites using this plugin

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Changelog for WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro plugin

Changelog for Abandoned Cart Plugin for WooCommerce 7.12.0 (Release date: January 3, 2019)
This is a minor update to the plugin that contains important bug fixes Bugs Fixed:
  1. Fixed an issue where reminder emails were getting sent after purchase in a scenario where the user used to register on the site
  2. Fixed an issue where ...

Seem a little pricey at $119? Some quick math… say you charge $40 per hour. Then 3 hours of your time is worth $120. So, this plugin only needs to save you 3 hours to pay for a Single Store License!

Upcoming features:

Sending Push Notifications for Cart Recovery.

Adavnced reporting tools to display the statistics on the dashboard.

Purchase now!

Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce icon

Feeling convinced now?

This plugin will give you the ability to recover sales with WooCommerce that are lost to abandoned shopping carts by logged-in customers or by visitors. And all of this happens in the background - it will send multiple email reminders to your customers about their abandoned orders + a lot more!

How to install

Installing the Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce plugin is easy, simply follow the steps:

Step one

Activate the plugin and you wil get 3 default ready-to-use email templates which can be used for sending abandoned cart email notifications to your customers.

Step two

The templates are deactivated by default, and can be activated with a single click. All the 3 templates are editable.

Step three

Start sending abandoned cart email notifications to your customers, once you activate the templates

What people say for the plugin:

Jack Pollock

Fantastic plugins and support

Finally a company who supports its products. Extremely responsive to support requests. Paid plugins with ultra premium support are the future.

Pam Blizzard

Superb WooCommerce Extension

Pam Blizzard — Tyche Software has excellent customer response – check out their Abandoned Cart Pro product. Are you losing sales?

Davinder Kumar

Fantastic support team

Davinder Kumar — Too Much Supportive. Keep it up

Thomas Sultana

Great Plugin

Great plugin. We had some issues initially however support was there and very helpful to assist and point out the issue with our setup.

Slinky & Snudis

Amazing Support

Slinky & Snudis — Tyche Softwares provide ecommerce plugins to help increase sales. We testify to their AAA+ customer service & useful tools. @tychesoftwares

Steve Guccione

Excellent Plugin

We've tried 3 different abandon cart plugins and were keeping this one. Great service and the plugin works. Thanks, Steve

Ebenzer Low

Great Plugin

Great software support. Thank you so much for helping to resolve the problems raised. Two thumbs up!  Ebenzer Low, Facebook

Bess Obarotimi

Fantastic plugins and support

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro: This is a great, useful plugin. I am in a better position to retain customers that come to my site and do not complete an order. The plugin is simple to set up and I have received great support throughout. Keep up the good work Tyches software! – Bess Obarotimi from Synatel Designs,

Frequently Asked Questions:

When would a customer’s cart be considered as abandoned?

For all users, the cart is considered as abandoned after the set cut-off time has passed. The default value for this is X minutes.

For a logged-in user, the cart is tracked right after the product is added to his cart. It is considered abandoned as soon as the cut-off time has passed since adding the product to cart. Whereas, for a guest user, if Add to cart popup modal is enabled then the cart will be abandoned once the email address is entered in popup modal. If Add to cart modal is disabled then the cart can be abandoned only after the guest user reaches the checkout page and mentions his first name, last name, phone number, and email address.

How can I offer discount codes to customers in the abandon cart reminder emails?

When you add or edit an email template, it has a "Enter coupon code to add into email" Here you need to enter a coupon code that you have created from WooCommerce > Coupons page. You would also need to add the {{coupon.code}} merge tag in the Body section of the template. This will send the same coupon code to all customers to whom that abandon cart email is sent to.

If you want to send a unique coupon code to each customer, then you need to enable the "Generate unique coupon codes" setting. In addition, you still need to enter a parent coupon code in the "Enter a coupon code to add into email" setting. The unique coupon codes will be generated based on the settings added for the parent coupon code.

You can learn more about the coupon code settings here.

What would happen when an order is claimed by the user?

When an order is claimed, it is removed from the Abandoned Orders list and moved to Recovered Order tab under WooCommerce > Abandoned Carts. No further emails will be sent to any customer who has already claimed their abandoned cart.

Can I know which customers have received the email or which email have been sent?

Yes. You can view which email templates are sent to which customers from the Sent Emails tab. You can also view which customers have opened the email.

Alternatively, for email sent to customers, you can also send a copy of it to the site admin or to an external email address too. This can be done from the add/edit email template page in the "Send the Abandoned cart emails to:" field.

How does the Abandon cart plugin send out the cart recovery emails? Do I need a special setup?

Our plugin uses the WP-Cron which will send the abandoned cart reminder email to customers automatically. The email sending is done at every 15 minutes. If you want, you can change this interval from the "Setting for sending emails using WP Cron" under "Email Sending Settings" page in Settings.

I have a few abandoned carts. But why is the abandoned cart email not sent to those customers?

There are several reasons abandoned cart reminder emails not being sent from your website.

It could be that WP-Cron is disabled on your site, or your server has some restrictions which does not allow WP-Cron, or the emails are actually sent, but the email server has failed to deliver them to the recipient. If you see the emails under the "Sent Emails" section but if they are still not being received, then it’s likely a problem with your email server. You can contact your web host about this.

You can refer to this post for fixing the WP-Cron issue.

The test emails have wrong or dummy data. Is it supposed to work this way?

Yes, that is dummy data. The merge tags in the email template are replaced with the data of the store, like admin email address, two simple products of the store and other information are fetched and replaced with the merge tags. When the actual abandon cart recovery emails are sent out, these merge tags will be replaced with the customer’s cart data.

How does the Add To Cart Popup Modal work?

Once the customer clicks on the add to cart button, our plugin opens the popup modal for capturing the customer’s email address. If the email address capture is set to be mandatory in admin, then the popup modal will close if the email address is not provided by the customer & the item will not be added to cart. Once the email address is provided by the customer, only then the product will be added to the cart. The email capture can be set as non-mandatory, which means that the popup to ask for email address will be displayed, but the customer can simply click on the "No thanks" button & proceed to adding the item to the cart.

You can learn more about the Add to cart popup modal here.

Why does the Add to cart popup modal not show when I click on Add to Cart? I have all the settings done correctly.

If you are using custom buttons for Add to Cart, then the popup won't appear. The Add to Cart popup appears with the default Add to Cart buttons.

It is also possible that you are using the Add to Cart button on a custom page & not one of the default pages like WooCommerce’s shop page, product page, category page and on the home page.

You can contact our support team to get this resolved as each custom button needs a different solution.

For multi-lingual websites, can your plugin send email templates to customers in the language in which the cart was abandoned when browsing the website?

Yes, our plugin is compatible with WPML. You can send the abandoned cart reminder emails in different languages using WPML. Our plugin will send the abandoned cart reminder emails in the respective language in which the customer has abandoned the cart. You can learn more about it here.

Does your plugin comply to the GDPR guidelines ?

We are working on updating the plugin to meet the upcoming GDPR compliance. The plugin will be compliant before the May 25 GDPR deadline.

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Hi, I am testing the Abandoned Carts Lite Plugin to see if its worth buying the pro version, but its not working. Here is what I have tried: I logged in as a regular customer added products to the cart and clicked checkout. Now it shows the check out page. I waited on the checkout page for 2 minutes then closed the window. After another 2 minutes I logged into the backend as admin but nothing shows. Second test. I added the products to the cart and waited two minutes. Closed the window an waited two minutes + and logged… Read more »

Ashok Rane

Thank you. It is odd that you are unable to see the abandoned cart in the admin. You have set the abandoned cart cut-off time to 2 minutes?

In your second test, were you logged-in or you added the products without logging-in?

The abandoned cart plugin does exactly that. After adding to the cart, if the customer chooses to abandon the order, then it would show up in the abandoned orders section & will send emails according to the templates. Do you have a link where I can see this happening?

I have replied to your email as well.

Ashok Rane

I have tested the Lite Plugin one more time & there is no such issue as you have pointed out. It does record all abandoned carts as per the cut-off time which is set. To verify if the PRO version works or not, you can use the links mentioned above for the demo. You can go to Front end demo, add an item & then go in the Admin demo & verify whether that cart appears or not. I can check the Lite plugin on your installation if it’s online. Please give me the access to it so I can… Read more »



I’m not good at technical issues, so my question is. Using your plugin is it possible to send reminder emails on other languages?


Ashok Rane

Yes, the plugin can send reminder emails in any languages. While creating the email template, you can enter the email subject, email body, from name, etc. which allows you to put them in a language of your choice.


Please notify me when the plugin works with new 2.0 WooCommerce-thanks

Ashok Rane

The Abandoned cart plugin will be made compatible with Woocommerce 2.0 release by the coming week. I shall notify you once updated.


Any update on the Woocommerce 2.0 update?

Ashok Rane

We are testing the plugin right now as I write this comment. There has been good progress & I do hope to release it before end of this month.


Hi –
I’m designing the emails for the Lite version – but links to small images on my site are being replaced by shortened addresses beginning with “../” This causes the email that is received to have broken image links-
How do i stop the email design area from making this substitution??


Ashok Rane

Hi, the editor itself would not be making any substitutions in the image paths. Does it happen only with selected (small) images or all images?


Any image on my domain that i attempt in the editor gets substituted the moment i click Update.
If i link to an image on another domain its fine.



I’m also seeing multiple abandoned carts but have not received any emails (my abandoned carts were in the mix) The send is enabled – and i have not yet tried the cron fix.


Ashok Rane

I see. I might need to look into the first issue.

As for the emails not coming, you will need to set the cron so the emails can be sent out. Unless that is done, no emails will be sent from the system.

If you can drop me an email with details about your server where you are facing the image issue, I can check that. Please email me on:


Will email you directly about the image issue-
I understand the Pro has many added features… but even with the wp-cron replaced as instructed- your AC lite has not sent even one email for me yet- as much as i’ve tried : / and there is no “enable” option in Lite.


Ashok Rane

Thank you for your patience. The WP-Cron control is another plugin by another developer. I will verify whether this plugin does work now or not. I can help you set the cron job on your server using the Advanced method.

You are right, there is no “enable” option in Lite as it is by default supposed to send emails once the cron is set.

I have received your email & responding to that now.


Thank you so much for your fast help Ashok 🙂

Your solution for the image paths has that issue resolved smoothly – and now thanks to your guidance the cron-jobs are set and working like a charm.

Truly appreciate that you would help even on the Lite free version.
I’m looking forward to purchasing!


Ashok Rane

Thank you for the appreciation Grace. I am glad I was able to help you out with all your issues. Look forward to you purchasing the Pro version.

Just what you were looking for?

Abandoned Cart Pro works in the background, sending multiple email & text reminders to your customers about their abandoned orders. The plugin offers incentives to return and complete their checkout with discounts and coupons, thereby assisting in recovering lost sales.