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Recover lost sales with

Abandon Cart Pro for WooCommerce

Set up automated reminder emails, texts and Facebook messages to customers who abandon their shopping carts

How it works

Facebook Messenger


Text Message

Abandoned Cart Pro is worth every penny. We have successfully recovered about $17,000 just this month in sales. The extra benefit of exporting and diagnosing potential sales and areas where we need improvement are immense.
Kenny Rhoads
UX/UI Developer
This plugin helps us reach those customers that do not complete the checkout process. Laser Pegs have converted thousands of abandoned shopping carts, thanks to this Abandoned Cart Pro, we love it. Great plugin, the best features and support is superb! 5 stars!
Tim Mathews
IT Director at Laser Pegs Ventures LLC

Abandon Cart Pro Features

Add to cart Popup

The ability to customize the popup before checkout

Custom Field Integration

Capture emails from other forms or fields

Automated Messaging

The ability to send automated messages at intervals you define

Message Personalization

The ability to customize your messages using your brand tone

Recovery Incentives

The ability to offer deals to continue with checkout


The ability to identify what products are being abandoned
Abandon Cart Pro us a great, useful plugin. I am in a better position to retain customers that come to my site and do not complete an order. The plugin is simple to set up and I have received great support throughout.
Bess Obarotimi
Synatel Designs,
Using this product you can easily recover up to 30% of lost sales and more. We believe that Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce is hands down, the best plugin you can use to recover any order abandonment.
David Attard

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your plugin comply to the GDPR guidelines ?

We have made every effort to make Abandon Cart Pro compliant to the GDPR guidelines. As a part of compliance we do not capture any data of end users and customers without consent.

When would a customer’s cart be considered as "abandoned"?

For all users, the cart is considered as abandoned after the set cut-off time has passed. The default value for this is X minutes. For a logged-in user, the cart is tracked right after the product is added to his cart.

What happens when an order is claimed by the customer?

When an order is claimed, it is removed from the Abandoned Orders list and moved to Recovered Order tab under WooCommerce > Abandoned Carts. No further emails will be sent to any customer who has already claimed their abandoned cart.

Can I know which customers have received the email or which email have been sent?

Yes. You can view which email templates are sent to which customers from the Sent Emails tab. You can also view which customers have opened the email.

How does the plugin send out the recovery emails? Do I need a special setup?

Our plugin uses the WP-Cron which will send the abandoned cart reminder email to customers automatically. The email sending is done at every 15 minutes. If you want, you can change this interval from the ‘Setting for sending emails using WP Cron’ under ‘Email Sending Settings’ page in Settings.

How does the Add To Cart Popup Modal work?

Once the customer clicks on the add to cart button, our plugin opens the popup modal for capturing the customer’s email address. If the email address capture is set to be mandatory in admin, then the popup modal will close if the email address is not provided by the customer & the item will not be added to cart. Once the email address is provided by the customer, only then the product will be added to the cart. The email capture can be set as non-mandatory, which means that the popup to ask for email address will be displayed, but the customer can simply click on the ‘No thanks’ button & proceed to adding the item to the cart.
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