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Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares

Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce

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1 year license
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Allow customers to book appointments & reservations without leaving your website. Our Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce will help you sell overnight bookings, tour bookings, hotel reservations, appointments & rentals.

Version 5.13.1
Last Updated July 12 2022
Billed yearly until cancelled

Schedule Appointments & Bookings with WooCommerce

You can set up various types of bookable services like WooCommerce appointment bookings, flexible time bookings, multiple day bookings & rentals.Set up bookings for virtual events & recurring appointments and with Zoom integration you can automatically generate Zoom meetings for these appointments too.

Trusted by 5000+ businesses!

Offer any product in your store as a bookable product. Create bookings for all WooCommerce Product types like Subscription products, Simple, Variable, Grouped products, Product Bundles & Composite products.

This plugin allows you to:

Visitors To View Booking Details At Every Step Of The WooCommerce Checkout Process gif

Visitors To View Booking Details At Every Step Of The WooCommerce Checkout Process

Add Booking Resources and set availability gif

Add Booking Resources and set availability

Send Automatic Booking Reminder emails gif

Send Automatic Booking Reminder emails

Set Special Prices For Weekdays, Time Slots or Special Dates gif

Set Special Prices For Weekdays, Time Slots or Special Dates

Set Varying Prices Based On Number Of Booking days gif

Set Varying Prices Based On Number Of Booking days

WooCommerce Bookings are automatically exported to Google Calendar &also imported to the WooCommece Booking Calendar from Google. gif

WooCommerce Bookings are automatically exported to Google Calendar &also imported to the WooCommece Booking Calendar from Google.

Select Booking Date(s) or Time based on availability

Schedule Appointments, Full Day Bookings, Overnight Bookings, Rentals

Create Bookings With Simple, Variable, Grouped, Bundle, Composite, & Subscription Products

Create different length time slots on the same product

Allow customers to search booking availability by dates

Admin can accept manual WooCommerce bookings over phone & add them

Change booking dates & times on cart & checkout page

Real Time Availability checking & updation

Allows Visitors To 'Add to Cart' Only After The Booking Date or Time Is Chosen

Allows Visitors To View Booking Details At Every Step Of The WooCommerce Checkout Process

Rent Items For A Fixed Booking Duration

Limit Future Bookable Dates By Specifying Number Of Dates To Book

Full Integration with multi-vendor plugins like WC Vendors Pro, Dokan Pro & WCFM Marketplace

Block Time Slot For All Services In A Single Booking

Specify Advance Booking Period Based on hours

Accept Recurring Bookings with WooCommerce Subscriptions (Addon)

Integration with Zoom to create Zoom meetings for the bookings.

Show available bookings of products in the List/Calendar view on the page with the Available Bookings Block feature.

Allow customers to choose multiple dates in one go.

Sync bookings with the Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar & iCal.

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Dominic Straathof

Hi, I am building a new website for my event company. After trying several booking plugins that all did not do what I required like pinpoint booking plugin and WooBookings I found this hidden gem! The plugin has numerous options and looks great. I think a plugin is only as good as their support team and they rock! I know how important good reviews are and these guys deserve one because they help out with all my questions and they respond quickly! keep up the awesome support guys!

Core Features:


Set WooCommerce Hotel Bookings, Tour Bookings, Theme Park Bookings


Schedule Appointments, limit number of appointments for a time slot

WooCommerce Rentals

Sell Party Equipment Rental, Apartment Rentals, Clothing Rentals, etc.

Duration based Booking

Allow users to select the number of slots they wish to book

Timezone Conversion

Allows you to show time slots in the customer's local time zone.

Google Calendar 2-way sync

The bookings can be exported into the Admin's & Customer's Google Calendar automatically

Send Reminders

Send SMS & Emails reminders to customers before the booking.

Enable Booking Settings in Bulk

Create booking settings for multiple products in one go.

Reschedule WooCommerce Bookings

Customers can change the booking details & time from My Account page

Confirm or deny booking

Ability to confirm or deny bookings based on availability

Multi-lingual Compatibility

Compatible with WPML, offers PO/MO files

Flexible Labels & Availability Messages

Easily change the booking field labels and availability messages to be shown to customers on your website

Different length time slots on the same product

E.g. a tour that lasts 4 hours on a Tuesday, or 3 hours on a Wednesday

Book Weekdays or Specific Dates or both

Set Weekdays or Specific Dates or both as Booking days

Exclude days

Add global & product-specific holidays / blackout days / Exclude days

Option to capture only Booking Date

Option to capture only Booking Date if you are not using Time-based services

View WooCommerce Bookings in Calendar & List View

View all WooCommerce bookings in a Booking calendar or list view

Export Bookings

Export bookings &appointments to csv, pdf, excel formats

Sync WooCommerce Bookings

Sync bookings with external calendar applications with the help of ICS files

Take Unlimited Bookings, No transactional fees

Capture unlimited bookings from your website. No transaction-based fees.

Product-level Google Calendar sync

Sync bookings from each service/product to different calendars

How valuable is your time? You can now buy it for only $199? WooCommerce Booking and Appointment plugin can significantly improve your work management!

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Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares

Want to transform your webshop?

Our Booking & Appointment Plugin will change your WooCommerce shop into a full-fledged Booking platform where you can create & manage all types of booking services!

Convert your store to booking system, your way

Use Booking plugin and its addons to meet your online business needs.

  • $ 199 / yearly
  • Single Store
  • Different booking types:
      Single-day bookings
      Appointment Bookings
      Overnight Bookings
      Book multiple dates & times
  • Works with all standard WooCommerce product types
  • Reschedule Bookings
  • Setup Booking Resources with availability
  • 2-way Google Calendar Sync
  • Send automatic reminders about Bookings
  • Display availability on frontend calendar
  • Display availability in customer's timezone
  • $ 299 / yearly
  • Five Stores
  • All features of Starter plan
  • WC Vendors Integration
  • Dokan Multivendor Integration
  • WCFM Marketplace Integration
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration
  • Block before and after days of Booking of rental products
  • Configure bookings as per different seasons
  • Allow selling and renting together
  • $ 399 / yearly
  • Ten Stores
  • All features of Business plan
  • Accept Deposits for Bookings
  • Create Printable Tickets
  • Integration with
  • Integration with Zoom
  • Integration with Zapier
  • Integration with FluentCRM
  • Priority Support

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the different types of bookings I can set up with the WooCommerce Booking and Appointment plugin?

There are six different bookings types for which products can be set up: 1. Single day bookings 2. Multiple night bookings 3. Single date with fixed time 4. Single date with duration based time bookings 5. Bookings with multiple dates 6. Multiple dates with fixed time

With how many product types is WooCommerce Booking and Appointment plugin compatible with?

Our Booking plugin is compatible with all default product types that come with WooCommerce. Also, we have made it compatible with Bundle, Composite, and Subscriptions product type.

Can I restrict the number of bookings for each booking date?

Yes, by setting up the value in the 'Maximum Bookings' option you can restrict the number of bookings for each date. For Single Day and Date & Time booking type we have 'Max Bookings' option and for multiple nights we have 'Maximum Bookings On Any Date' option in the Availability tab of Booking meta box.

Is it possible to change the booking details during the booking process?

Yes, we have the Edit Bookings feature which allows editing the booking details on the Cart and Checkout page. You can enable the option from Booking-> Settings-> Global Booking Settings-> Allow Bookings to be editable.

Is it possible to view all the bookings from a single view?

Yes, we have a View Bookings page where one can view, search and sort the bookings.

Does WooCommerce Booking and Appointment plugin allow automatic sync of the bookings with Google Calendar?

Yes. by setting up Google API for products, you can import and export the bookings automatically to the Google Calendar. Product-level settings are in 'Google Calendar Sync' tab of Booking meta box on the Edit Product page.

Can I create a manual booking (from admin)?

Yes, you can create a manual booking from the Bookings -> Create Booking page. You can create a new order when manually creating the booking or you can add the booking to existing orders.

Is it possible to allow the customer to make the booking without selecting the booking details?

Yes, we have 'Purchase without choosing a date' option in the General tab of Booking meta box which allows the customer to purchase the product without selecting the booking details.

Can I translate the plugin string into my native language? If yes, then how?

You can use the .po file of the plugin for translating the plugin strings. Or you can use the WPML plugin for translating strings as we have made our plugin compatible with WPML plugin.

Can I set bookable products that require confirmation?

Yes, by enabling the 'Requires Confirmation' option in the General tab of Booking meta box you can achieve it.

Is WooCommerce Booking and Appointment plugin integrated with any of the multi-vendor marketplace plugins?

Yes, our Booking & Appointment plugin is compatible with WC Vendors Pro, Dokan Pro, and WCFM Marketplace plugin.

Is it possible to show the bookings availability calendar on the frontend?

Yes, it is possible to achieve this with the Available Bookings Block feature of our Booking plugin. This feature allows listing all or specific products along with their booking availability on any page on the frontend in a Calendar view or as a List.

Is there a way to remind customers of their bookings?

Yes, there is an option in the plugin to send an automatic as well as manual reminder email to the customer X days before the booking date. You can set up this under the Booking -> Send Reminder section in the backend.

Can I sync the booking information with any external applications?

Yes, you can sync the booking information with external applications such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Zoom. This list will keep growing.

Does WooCommerce Booking and Appointment plugin comply with the GDPR guidelines?

We have made every effort to make our plugin compliant with the GDPR guidelines. As a part of compliance, we do not capture any data of end-users and customers without consent.

Users love it!

Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares

Tobias Fueter

Excellent Plugin

Great, very useful plugin and wonderful, personal support. Congratulations on a great product!

Avatar of Gino Auciello

Gino Auciello

Excellent Plugin

Hello, we are a web agency and we were looking for a booking plug-in for a customer and we found it here. The normal Buchunngsplugin, which can be purchased at Woocommerce for immense costs, offers only rudimentary functions and we were not happy. The Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce from Tyche Softwares is much more complex and offers an excellent price-performance ratio! Furthermore, the support is great. Priyanka Jagtap has always given us very competent and friendly advice, you can contact us at any time if you have any questions and will be informed as soon as possible about how to solve the problem. we are very satisfied! many thanks and best regards

Avatar of Jason Earrame

Jason Earrame

Poor Plugin

This software has been very buggy. Issues have not been solved by support and it has cost me hundreds of dollars in wasted time and most likely a valuable client. Support time is slow and I still have outstanding issues. I will not recommend this to anyone and will not be using it again. I get more quality and support from free plugins.

Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares

Natallie Black

Outstanding customer service and great plugin

I have used the Tyche Software’s Booking & Appointment plugin on my website and it performs extremely well. I am not a developer and needed quite a bit of help post installation to get things right and the guys at Tyche were awesome. Their responses were prompt and informative and they went to every length to make sure I was satisfied and the plugin met my needs. Outstanding customer service and great plugin too!

Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares

Andrew Collins

Good plugin

Andrew Collins — Would like to thank Moxa at Tyche Softwware. I am using the Woocommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin on several sites. It has saved me hours of coding, it does exactly what it should and it is easy to use. The customer service is fast, responsive and excellent. Thank you for everything.

Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares

Anne-Claire Morcrette

Excellent Plugin

Many times, when you buy a plugin on the internet outside from WooCommerce or WordPress itself, it is not easy to get a good support. With Tychesoftwares, not only there plugin is great and does perfectly the job I was expecting, but they are so nice and so helpful!!! Every time I had a question or found a bug, they did more than their best to help me and solve it. They are truly amazing. Thanks a lot!!!!!

Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares

Tony TerBorg

Superb WooCommerce Extension

Recently I had the need to find a comprehensive online booking system that would work seamlessly with my client’s WooCommerce e-Commerce platform as well as the Word Press site we had built around it. After looking at all the various plugins available we choose Tyche Software’sBooking & Appointment Plugin. Installation and setup was very simple and we soon had the basics in place to handle my client’s needs. My client offers various training and educational art classes in the field of glass fusioning. Their need was to be able to handle the purchases and commensurate bookings for their programs which included multiple days, multiple times during the days, and varying class sizes as well as the ability to block certain dates and times and adjust class sizes on the fly. In addition my client does a lot of business with various local discount groups like Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local which can result in high volumes of purchases coming in at any given time. The plugin was able to handle it all.More importantly, as we progressed we discovered various situations that the plugin did not accommodate, such as the ability to filter out previous bookings so my client would be able to only view current bookings and not have to wade through pages and pages of already passed bookings, as well as the ability to filter bookings by check-in date. This is when we discovered the real value that Tyche Software had. In every instance where had a development request or found a bug in the program, Tyche Software’s customer support team responded immediately not only to acknowledge our requests but they consistently worked with us to find a solution to accommodate our client’s need. In the case of our ability to filter out previous booking the created a custom routine that made this possible and then eventually incorporated that ability into their current versioning of the plugin. So not only has their response for support been amazing, they have actually listened to a customer’s request, found value in it and changed their product to make that ability available to everyone. To have a company consistently respond to a customer support issue is one thing, to have them quickly and effectively find a solution to the problem is a whole level above what you would normally expect. To then have them actually incorporate your suggestion into the betterment of their product for everyone, is almost unheard of. I actually feel likeTyche Software has allowed us to be a part of their growth.I highly recommend Tyche Software to anyone looking for solidly built applications that do what they do, but more importantly I recommend them for their continued dedication to listening to their customer’s to solve their problems and better their product.”– Tony TerBorg, Design Partner and Founder, InnerVision Design Group (IDG), Orange, CA USE

Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares

Sergio Bastias

Highly recommended plugins

Sergio Bastias — Excellent Service!!! I didn’t end up using the plugin I ordered, my needs were slightly different than I anticipated – but Tyche responded immediately and issued a refund with no hassle. Much appreciated!!!

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