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Tyche Softwares acquires 6 WooCommerce plugins from Algoritmika Ltd

The festive season came early at Tyche Softwares. To our family of five premium plugins and 15 people, we added six more plugins, acquired from Tom Anbinder of Algoritmika Ltd in late October. They promise to not only expand our own portfolio, but also to complement the existing plugins, so that together, we can make your business on WooCommerce easier than before to manage. In a nutshell, these plugins allow you to offer discounts and set rates based on payment gateways or administrator roles, customise order numbers and even order statuses, set different currencies for different products or get customers to call you for the prices.

We were initially in talks with Tom for three other plugins, a deal which did not work out. So when Tom mentioned that he wanted to sell these six, I was really interested. While extremely different from our current basket of plugins, I realised that the new six would complement them very well. So, after four weeks of evaluating the plugins for the functionality and code, and tracking their upward growth momentum, I decided to go ahead with the deal.

One of our team members was asked to evaluate the plugin functionality & code. That’s when we found out that in the past, some of our customers have also asked for features similar to Custom Order Status and Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts. That, along with the super-useful features in each plugin was what further encouraged me to go for it.

What’s new?

Each new plugin is available in a free and a premium version. The free versions collectively have over 18,000 active installs. During the evaluation, we also checked the monthly sales of each plugin over the last year.

The six plugins are:

  1. Payment Gateway Based Fees and Discounts for WooCommerce: This plugin allows you to set rates based on the kind of payment gateway selected by the customer, such as Direct Bank Transfer, Paypal or Cash on Delivery.
  2. Custom Order Status for WooCommerce: With this plugin, you can create customised statuses, such as “Processing”, “Shipped” or “Dispatched”, keeping the customer in the loop at every stage of the delivery process. You can also create custom slugs or icons for your order statuses, helping personalise your store further.
  3. Custom Order Numbers for WooCommerce: Based on your business and its system, you can now create custom order numbers, with the suffixes and prefixes of your choices, adding elements like year or product code to it. This makes classification easier and also helps customers track their order.
  4. Price based on User Role for WooCommerce: It is imperative for businesses to keep not just the customers, but all stakeholders happy. Employees, for instance. With this plugin, you can chose to set product prices based on user roles, making the application of schemes like employee discounts much easier, while also enabling you to provide incentives to, say, regular customers and wholesalers.
  5. Currency per Product for WooCommerce: Especially useful for businesses with clients spread across the world, this plugin allows you to set and display prices in different currencies, making display variations on the Shop page and Checkout page. For example, you can set your WooCommerce product prices in different currencies, display it in shop in different currencies, but convert it to one currency in cart and checkout. This helps you make best use of your analytics – display currencies for products according to where they are most popular!
  6. Call for Price for WooCommerce: Want to generate curiosity of an upcoming product? Or want to keep the prices of your luxury products hidden? With the Call for Price plugin, you can now get customers to ask for the the prices of certain products, (like those “Out of Stock”), specific category of products or all products in your store.

Next steps

Over the next six months, we aim to create detailed documentation for all the plugins, get customer feedback and add some new features in the plugins even though they are comprehensive in their current states, both in the free and premium versions. And ofcourse, we will be providing our stellar customer support for these now.

The best thing I realised about these plugins is that they are so easy to understand. Even without the supporting documentation, one glance at the settings and they explain themselves.

Over the last 2 weeks, our team has been putting in some solid work to create all the content on our site for the new plugins, migrating data, making changes in the plugin code for licensing & much more. I would like to thank our entire team for this.

I would also like to thank Tom for creating these beautiful plugins & for this deal. Algoritmika Ltd sells all their plugins via WPFactory. And if you have heard of the Booster for WooCommerce plugin, then you would know Tom.

What does this mean for existing license holders of these six plugins?

We will continue to provide customer support to all existing license holders. Lifetime license holders will continue to receive support and updates as promised before. We will continue selling the lifetime licenses till we make a decision to do otherwise. At Tyche, we have stopped offering lifetime licenses since 2013 for our plugins.

I am very excited with this acquisition and looking forward to interesting times ahead!

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