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How to use Partial deposits without booking calendar


This post provides a hack to capture partial payments without having the necessity for the customer to select the booking date.

Few hours back I received an email from one of our client, Robert Peters. He wanted to use the Partial deposits addon functionality, but his client’s requirement was that they don’t need to capture a booking date.

They have already purchased the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin and also the Partial deposits addon.

I told him that the partial deposits addon is meant to work only with the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin.

He suggested using custom CSS that would hide the calendar field for specific products where his client only wanted the deposits functionality, but not capture the booking date.

I was skeptical if this will work or not. Plus we had always drove clients away telling them that the Partial deposits addon would only work with the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin & not on a stand-alone basis.

But Robert was able to hide the calendar & the functionality of capturing the deposit also worked flawlessly.

The CSS hack

The CSS code he used is mentioned below:

.postid-522 .booking_calender {
display: none;

.postid-522 div.product form.cart label {
display: none;

.postid-522 #checkin_cal {
display: none;

where 522 is the product id. The class ‘postid-522’ can be found in thetag of the product page. You can add the above CSS code between the <style> & </style> tags on the product page in the editor.

This would be the simplest solution to make Partial deposits functionality work without the booking calendar, while still have the WooCommerce Booking & Appointment plugin activated.

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7 years ago


I was looking for the same workaround and your support staff was kind enough to provide it. Thank you!
Could you please integrate this in your standard add-on?

Vishal Kothari
7 years ago
Reply to  Costin

Hi Costin,

We will surely think of integrating this in a future release. And add it at an appropriate time.


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