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Wal-Mart tests limited same-day delivery of online orders

A Walmart survey found that the majority of respondents said that they would consider using same-day delivery. More than half of the more than 1,500 survey participants said that they would use same-day delivery monthly or more frequently, Walmart said.

Wal-Mart tests limited same-day delivery of online orders - Tyche Softwares

Wal-Mart Stores Inc is testing same-day delivery of televisions, toys and other general merchandise bought online in a few U.S. markets as it tries to find new ways to keep up with competitors and to attract busy shoppers this holiday season.

Why did Walmart start Same Day Delivery?

Walmart – one of the world’s biggest retailers is facing an enormous competition from the likes of & others. Same Day Delivery option would enable Walmart to reach out to the shoppers more conveniently. Walmart U.S. President Bill Simon said in September that Walmart uses a group of stores around the country to fulfill online orders, which reduces shipping costs and time. He added that Walmart was quietly playing with same-day delivery but did not say which markets may have been participating.

Walmart’s other services offered nationally include Site to Store, where customers order online and pick up items at local stores; Pickup Today, which allows customers to pick out items online to pick up the same day in stores; and Pay with Cash, where shoppers go online to pick out items and then pay for them with cash in a Walmart store. The Order Delivery Date Plugin would be enormously useful if you were to implement any of these services in your store.

What does this mean for you, the retailer?

If you are a retailer with a small or medium-size business, this provides a direct way for you to leverage the same model for your store. You could use the same-day or next-day delivery model for your customers & make sure you have an edge over your competitors by doing so.

Allowing the customer to have the freedom to choose for same-day or next-day delivery for a small flat fee will enormously increase the chances of the customer purchasing from your store. In addition to that, if the customer can choose a delivery date & time of his choice, and if the order is delivered on time, then you would have gained a customer for life.

The Order Delivery Date Plugin pro is a powerful utility for your site that would allow you to serve your customers better by delivering orders on their desired date & time. In addition, you could also use the Same-day & Next-day delivery options to provide expedited delivery to your customers for a fee.

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